Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) = Excellence through Equity

  • The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) was adopted in California for public education in 2013. This plan allocates funds based on specific student needs and allows maximum flexibility at the local district level.

    As part of LCFF, school districts now develop, adopt and update a three-year plan called the LCAP. Part of the development of the LCAP includes garnering input and feedback from community stakeholder groups, staff, parents and students. The LCAP has eight components that are identified here from the California State PTA website.

    The LCAP plan is the roadmap of the Excellence through Equity plan approved by the SMMUSD Board of Education in 2016. The Board of Education and district leadership under the direction of Superintendent Dr. Ben Drati are working to achieve educational and extracurricular access and equity for all students.

    LCAP Covid-19 Operations Report 2020

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    LCAP Annual Update 2019-20

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    LCAP Annual Update 2018-19

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    LCAP Annual Update 2017-18

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    Three-Pronged Approach to Equity through Excellence: Superintendent Dr. Ben Drati, August 2017

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    State of Our Schools presentation: Superintendent Dr. Ben Drati, Spring 2017

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    LCAP Plan Update 2017-2020

    Local Control and Accountability Plan and Annual Update 2018-2019

    LCAP Three Year Plan Update 05/31/17

    Local Control and Accountability Plan & Annual Update: July 1, 2017-June 30, 2020

    LCAP Three Year Plan

    Local Control and Accountability Plan & Annual Update: July 1, 2016-June 30, 2019

    LCAP Goals

    1. All graduates are socially just and ready for college and careers
    2. English Learners will become proficient in English while engaging in a rigorous, culturally and linguistically responsive standards-aligned core curriculum
    3. All students and families engage in safe, well-maintained schools that are culturally responsive and conducive to 21st century learning

    LCAP Priorities

    SMMUSD Mission

    Extraordinary achievement for all while simultaneously closing the achievement gap.

    Shared Values

    We make decisions and allocate resources with “students first” in mind.

    We meet our students where they are and provide the necessary resources and attention to make all students successful.

    We engage students in meaningful, rigorous and relevant educational experiences where they are inspired, supported, challenged and motivated.

    We are stronger when we collaborate, dialogue and listen to each other in a civil, productive way, to improve outcomes for our students.

    We respect and value our diverse student and staff population as an integral part of our learning community.

    We work and dialogue with each other in a respectful manner, setting the example for our students of how civil discourse leads to positive outcomes.

    District Priorities 2016 - 19

    Student Achievement
    Provide inclusive, engaging and culturally-responsive Tier I instruction to our diverse, PreK-12 student population.

    Align our curriculum to the California standards.

    Work in highly-effective teams to support teaching and learning.

    Integrate College and Career Readiness, Technology and 21st Century Skills throughout the curriculum.

    Implement an ethnic studies/American culture curriculum such that all high school students have a common academic experience prior to graduation.

    Implement a set of early warning indicators aligned to multi-tiered, systematic responses.

    Human Resources Development
    Recruit a highly-qualified staff that mirrors our student demographics.

    Retain staff by providing a positive work climate, recognition and effective evaluations.

    Collaborate with SMMCTA, SEIU, and other partners to build staff capacity.

    Support and develop effective school and district leadership through coaching.

    School Connectedness
    Include anti-bullying and social-emotional supports within the curriculum.

    Strengthen health and wellness services to our students.

    Create positive school climate and school connectedness.

    Develop systems that support positive student behavior and implement restorative means of correction.

    Resource and Facility Management
    Develop a long-term facility plan.

    Ensure facilities are safe, sustainable and well-maintained.

    Prepare our school communities for emergencies and disasters.

    Attain and maintain a balanced and fiscally-responsible budget.

    Parent and Community Partnerships
    Engage families meaningfully to support student learning with an emphasis on historically under-represented parents.

    Communicate news and information to staff, parents and the community.

    Collaborate with city, education, business and philanthropic partners.

    Provide quality customer service throughout the district.