• SMMUSD Expanded Learning Opportunities Program

    Expanded Learning Opportunities Program

    SMMUSD is proud to offer innovative, quality out-of-school-time experiences that prioritize a safe, nurturing environment promoting holistic student development and engagement through the SMMUSD Expanding Learning Opportunities Program (ELOP). Emphasizing skill-building, leadership opportunities, healthy choices, and equity-centered values.  CLICK HERE to give your child priority, and in most cases FREE, access to a variety of programs.

    ELOP will establish and maintain an educational environment which provides all individuals with the tools necessary to become lifelong learners. This quality program will ensure each child has the chance to participate responsibly in our changing society. Our philosophy is to develop a partnership with the parent/guardian and to provide, in their absence, a safe, nurturing, educational, and fun program in a child-centered environment.

    ELOP Benefits
    Students in expanded learning programs can benefit from an enhanced sense of confidence and belonging, stronger connections to peers and adults, higher attendance and interest in school, all while improving language skills, self-awareness and regulation, which enables them to be better students!