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  • Dear SMMUSD Families,

    Thank you for visiting the special education website. We hope you had a wonderful summer! It is almost time to begin the school year again. We will begin this school year using a Distance Learning model.  We look forward to working with you!


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     Presentation from June 8, 2020 Parent Meeting

    Parent Meeting

    Letters from Director Deanna Sinfield

    Parent Letter

    Parent Letter Spanish

    Parent Resource Network:

    Would you like to sign up as a member of our Parent Resource Network (PRN), please complete the form below.

    PRN Letter


    Child Find:

    Child find activities are the responsibility of each district and occur prior to a referral for special education services. These activities are designed to locate individuals, birth through 21 years of age, including children not enrolled in public school programs as well as children who are homeless or wards of the state and reside in the district and may be eligible for and in need of special education and/or related services. Child find activities also foster awareness and understanding on the part of educators, parents and other community members of the referral procedures for special education, the eligibility criteria, and the continuum of special education programs and services available. Child find activities inform educators, community agencies, and parents/guardians of their right to refer their child for a special education assessment to determine eligibility and the need for special education services. (E.C. § 56300 and 56301)
    Read the Child Find flyer

    Core Values:

    Our values are motivated by our beliefs in each individual with a disability.

    The range of human diversity is embraced and the rights of all equity and access are guaranteed. Individuals will be educated in general education or natural environment to the maximum extent possible. Each individual will have options and be prepared to make choices.


    • All students unique instructional needs will be accurately identified.
    • All students will be served or taught by fully qualified personnel.
    • All students with disabilities will be successfully integrated with non-disabled peers throughout their educational experience.
    • All students with disabilities will meet high standards for academic and non-academic skills.
    • All students with disabilities will successfully participate in preparation for the workplace and independent living.

    Special Education Coordinators

    If you have questions that your school site cannot answer, you may schedule an appointment to meet/speak with the appropriate Special Education Coordinator:

    • Elementary Schools - Francis Costanzo, 310-450-8338 x70378
    • JAMS, Lincoln, SMASH, Malibu Middle and High - Joseph Garcia, 310-450-8338 x70227
    • Preschool, Private Schools, NPS, RTC- Victoria Hurst, 310-450-8338 x70295
    • Santa Monica HS, Olympic and Off-Campus Learning Center, PPBL- Hilda Salas, 310-450-8338 x70225

    Resources for Parents

    Click the links below to access these useful guides created for parents of special education students.

    December 2019  l  Español
    October 2019  l  Español

    Parent Guidelines for Help - Who You Gonna Call?
    Help & Answers

    Ayuda y Respuestas

    Parent Resource Network Brochure
    Click here to read the PRN Brochure

    Parents’ Rights and Procedural Safeguards

    Private School FAQ Brochure
    Read the brochure

    Transition Information
    Transition Handbook English
    Transition Handbook Spanish
    Transitions Tip Sheet
    Transitions Presentation Flow Map

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