Special Education Services Early Start Program

  • Skills for Success: Tri-City SELPA Early Start Program

    Who do we serve?

    We serve young children birth to 3-years-old with a solely low-incidence disability and their families who reside in Tri-City SELPA, which is comprised of Beverly Hills, Culver City & Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School Districts. Low incidence disabilities include hearing loss, visual impairments or orthopedic impairments.

    What do we do?

    Our goal is to maximize learning opportunities and developmental potential for infants and toddlers with hearing loss, vision impairments or orthopedic impairments through ongoing support and collaboration with families.

    How do we accomplish this?

    A range of early intervention services are available based on the child's assessed developmental needs and the family's concerns and priorities. Collaborative family centered services are provided in the home environment and can include a classroom component for children when they reach 18 months of age. We provide family training and support for improving skills in five areas of development:

    • Cognitive
    • Communication
    • Physical
    • Social and Emotional
    • Adaptive


    Referral Process

    Anyone can make a referral for an evaluation including parents, medical providers, neighbors, family members, foster parents and daycare providers.

    Once a referral is made, a service provider begins to assist the parent through the process of determining eligibility. Your child may be assessed by either the Westside Regional Center or the Tri-City SELPA Early Start Program. The information gathering process includes a parent interview, records review, direct observation and assessment of suspected areas of need.

    If a need is identified, outcomes and services are developed to support the child and the family through an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP). The IFSP outlines services that will be delivered in order to achieve the family’s goals.

    Licensed and Credentialed Staff Members

    • Early Childhood Special Education Service Coordinator
    • Educational Audiologist
    • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialist
    • Vision Teacher
    • Orthopedic Impairment Teacher
    • Speech-Language Pathologist
    • Physical Therapist
    • Occupational Therapist
    • Nurse

    How do I find out more?

    For more information or to make a referral to Early Start, please contact:

    Dina Parker
    SELPA Director
    Tri-City SELPA
    310-842-4220 ext. 4367