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    DTSC Public Notice, May 2024
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    McKinley Elementary School Q&A on Future Facilities
    Take a seat at the table as McKinley Elementary School's Principal, Daniela Weiner, engages in a captivating Q&A session with Carey Upton, SMMUSD’s Chief Operations Officer. Together, they delve into the exciting changes coming to McKinley and how the state-of-the-art new administration and classroom building will have a profound impact on student learning experiences.

  • McKinley CEQA meeting

    McKinley Elementary School's California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Community Meeting.
    Thank you for coming out on April 18, 2023 to support McKinley's CEQA Community Meeting!
    Watch McKinley's CEQA community meeting presentation here
    View McKinley's PowerPoint here.
    Spanish PowerPoint here.

    CEQUA meeting Jan. 31

    McKinley Elementary School's California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Community Meeting.
    Thank you for coming out on Jan. 31, 2023 to support McKinley's CEQA Community Meeting!
    Watch McKinley's CEQA community meeting presentation here.
    View McKinley's PowerPoint here.
    Spanish PowerPoint here.

    Neighbors attending the McKinley Future Facility Community Meeting
    People looking over plans for McKinley Elementary School updates
    Model of McKinley Elementary School campus
    Man looking at board with McKinley Elemetary school plans

    Thank you for coming out on March 9, 2022 to support McKinley Elementary School’s Future Facility Community Meeting!
    Watch McKinley Future Facility Community Meeting presentation here.
    View McKinley's Future Facility PowerPoint here.
    See photo slideshow from community meeting here.

    McKinley Elementary School’s Future Facility Meeting Questions and Comments section:

    1. Good job on shade.
    2. Thank you for MakerSpace.
    3. Entrance to parking from alley?
    4. Safety for traffic pattern.
    5. Excited about replacing bungalows.
    6. What is the historic value? How much to conduct reports?
    7. When are you breaking ground?
    8. Excited about two story building.
    9. Will there be safe lock’s for scooters and bikes? Would be great.


    Draft Historic Resources Reports

    The Board of Education adopted the Historic Resources Policy (BP & AR 7113) at their February 9, 2021 meeting. They directed the review of the facility by historic resources consultants to determine potential historic resources. Attached are the historic resources reports prepared by the Architectural Resources Group and Historical Resources Group. These reports identify facilities that would potentially be considered eligible for listing under the National Register of Historic Places, California Register of Historical Resources, or City of Santa Monica Designated Historic Resources.

    McKinley Elementary:

    Executive Summary of Historic Resources visit:

    Modernization Updates

    The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District is moving forward with its extensive modernization and construction projects at McKinley.  Check out what we’re completing:

    Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

    • The new HVAC system provides fresh ventilated air, more efficient heat in the winter and cooling in the summer.
    • Thermostats will allow the systems to be sustainable.
    • The new  HVAC systems are now in use providing students a comfortable learning space and a healthier, safer environment during the pandemic.

    Fire Alarm Systems

    • The new alarm system is voice activated. 
    • System identifies the specific room in trouble.
    • The existing fire alarm systems at Grant will remain functional until the new systems are completely certified by the end of April.
    • This should reduce false alarms.


    • The new furniture supports flexibility, and allows for differing modes of learning, thus, improving student engagement.
    • New student desks have been installed throughout classrooms.

    Security Cameras

    • Security cameras have been fully installed, programmed and staff have been trained in the operation of the security system.
    • Security cameras are located around the perimeter of the campus and outdoor areas.
    • They will support increased safety and property management.

    Coming Up!
    New bells, clocks, public address systems and an upgraded intrusion alarm system.

    Possible redesign of McKinley Elementary rose garden

    What’s next: Planning future projects

    Architects and district staff are working to envision possible projects to improve the campus to help prepare for the ways children will learn in and help prepare students for 21st century jobs.

    In June, an online community meeting was held, during which the campus assessment, which includes proposed changes to campus, was presented.

    Based on feedback from that meeting and meetings with educators, administrators and staff, architects are fine tuning the proposals, estimating costs and proposing the order in which projects would be done. Chosen projects would be funded by bonds from Measure SMS, passed by voters in 2018.

    Another meeting will be held in September. When it’s available, you’ll be able to find the meeting schedule at the campus assessment page. You’ll also be able to learn more about the campus assessment process itself.

    Safety and security projects

    Visitor verification: If you’re a parent, you’ve likely seen the visitor verification system now in use across the district. It helps staff know who people are and who is on campus.

    Cameras: The district is finishing a perimeter camera system pilot project at Samohi and will be rolling that out districtwide.

    Electronic locks are coming: The locks mentioned above will not only allow doors to be secured remotely in an emergency, they also allow keycard access that can be more easily managed than dozens of keys.

    Earthquake shut-off valve: In a significant seismic event, this device, installed in 2019, shuts down natural gas supply to the campus, reducing the risk of fire.

    Campus-wide new fire alarm system: Includes voice evacuation commands, which can reduce panic in an emergency. Completed in 2020.

    Previous improvement projects

    New bathrooms at McKinley Elementary Scol In the main building, the district installed:

    • New flooring and doors.
    • New air conditioning and heating equipment.
    • New windows on the second floor, which also received a modernized hallway.

    In the childcare / kindergarten portables, the district:

    • Replaced outdated plumbing with fixtures that use less water
    • Replaced the low-height toilets with a taller, standard size.

    In the cafeteria, the district installed:

    • New HVAC equipment
    • New paint on the walls
    • New doors with vision glass

    The classrooms (107-210) gained:

    • Air conditioning
    • New paint and flooring
    • New doors with vision glass
    • New bookcases
    • Stairs were replaced with ramps, improving accessibility.

    The kindergarten saw these improvements:

    • Classrooms were remodeled to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    • New restroom exhaust fans were installed to vent odors and humidity to the outside.

    Main entrance and courtyard: A project completed in 2012 reconfigured the school’s main entrance, main office and front entry restroom.  It improved supervision at the main entry and made the office more welcoming to visitors.

    Outdoor improvements included the construction of an inviting courtyard filled with planters and built-in bench seating at the front entrance.  Restrooms were also reconfigured to allow student use from the interior courtyard.

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