• MMHS Construction Update: Middle School Building almost ready

    Posted by Chris Clonts on 8/2/2019 11:15:00 AM


    Malibu Middle School Building is nearly complete

    • The building (above), comprising 12 classrooms and three sets of boys/girls restrooms, is 90% complete.
    • Carpet and tile were installed, as was adaptable furniture (shown at left) such as multi-configuration desks, chairs, cabinets, ceiling-mounted video projectors and whiteboards.
    • The elevator tower is 80% complete, and the elevator cab is scheduled to arrive next week.
    • The final exterior walkways, seat walls, landscape, and exterior painting are in progress and should be complete by the scheduled ribbon cutting (August 13 at 12:30 p.m.).


    Malibu Middle and High School Administration Building in progress

    • This new building, shown here (Middle School Building is on the right), is progressing rapidly, as many main structural components are now in.
      All vertical concrete walls have been poured and completed.
    • The concrete slab on grade for segment B of the new building has been poured.
    • Structural steel has been delivered to the site and nearly all of the steel for one segment of the building has been erected and bolted in place.
    • The metal deck for the second floor has been placed. The work to place lightweight concrete will begin in a few weeks.
    • The building (above) is really taking shape with the new "V" columns installed at the main entrance, creating quite a view as one arrives to the site via Morning View Drive.
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  • Malibu High School

    Posted by Maryanne Solomon on 5/24/2019
    • Surveying the fire lane and installing underground storm drain.
    • At new Admin/Library Building, we’re tying-in sewer lines and installing underground conduit.
    • Pouring concrete on vertical walls of a portion of admin building (bottom photo), and framing walls on the other segment of the building.
    • Middle School Building (top photo): Installing fire riser and low-voltage electrical lines, a handrail on the second floor, and restroom finishes.
    • Installation continues of handrail on the second floor and restroom finishes.
    • Elevator tower roofing taking place. Also installing drywall within elevator tower.
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