• Preparing for Return to School Fall 2021

    Posted by Kelcey Davis on 8/16/2021 10:00:00 AM

    Security Cameras

    Security cameras have been fully installed, programmed and staff has been trained in the operation of the security system. Security cameras are located around the perimeter of the campus and outdoor areas. They will support increased safety and property management.

    Building G & K Modernization Project

    The Special Education Life Skills and Social Skills classrooms needed to be updated to support the increase in students and their needs. In Building G, room 310, the flooring and the entrance doors were replaced and a new rooftop HVAC unit was installed. This refresh of the building will provide a welcoming environment. It expected to be ready for furniture and should be ready to occupy next week.

    In Building K on the 1st Floor, the flooring and the entrance doors have been replaced, and the interior walls have been painted.

    The landings outside the entrance doors have been replaced to be ADA compliant. A new ADA compliant Hi-Low drinking fountain was installed in the quad of building K. The gates at the ramp to the tennis courts and the gate at the teachers parking were replaced and the striping was redone to make them ADA compliant. This means easier access and a safer and a more inclusive space for our special education and general education students.

    HVAC/Fire Alarm

    There is a separate HVAC and Fire Alarm replacement project at Lincoln MS and at Lincoln Child Development Center (CDC) which is ongoing and is scheduled to be complete in the summer of 2022.

    Lincoln Auditorium Flooring /Seating Project

    New auditorium seating and carpet installation is currently underway. This project will be ongoing when students return, with steps being taken to mitigate impacts to the learning environment. We can’t wait for students to see the finished product!

    Lincoln Middle School Auditorium

    Lincoln Middle School Auditorium

    Lincoln Breezeway and 300 Building roof repairs

    Restoration of roof coatings, leak repair and a new gutter system is under way for the breezeways on campus. There is a new Tremco Roof system for the old, deteriorated leaking pebble roof at the 300 building. These projects will be complete when students return and will result in an improved appearance and a more pleasant experience for students and staff, especially during rainy days.

    Restroom Renovation

    There have been District-wide restroom renovations at all campuses.  The elementary schools were completed last Winter, prior to students return to school this April. This summer, we focused our attention on round two of the restroom renovations, which were the middle schools and high schools. Below you can see pictures of Lincoln’s restrooms with grout and tile restorations, which have modernized, cleaned, and brightened up the bathrooms.


    We are in the process of replacing old classroom furniture with new 21st century furniture that will support flexibility, allow for differing modes of learning and improve student engagement. Half of the furniture arrived and has been set up in the classrooms. The other half, including new student desks, are delayed due to supply chain issues. We anticipate receiving the new furniture by the end of September. Everything will be installed as soon as possible and will be done after hours to mitigate any impacts to students and the learning environment.

    We are looking forward to a great start to the new school year!

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