Facility District Advisory Committees

  • All members of the FDAC will serve on one of two subcommittees, the Malibu Facilities Advisory Committee (FDAC-M) or the Santa Monica Facilities Advisory Committee (FDAC-SM).

    Each subcommittee will advise only on projects for school sites in their areas. The FDAC-M committee members will focus on Malibu schools and the FDAC-SM members will advise on Samohi and other Santa Monica schools.

    The purpose of the FDAC is to provide the Board of Education and district staff with the community’s perspective regarding the use of bond funds for school site construction in conformance with board-established and approved goals and priorities. Measure ES is a $385 million bond approved by local voters in 2012.

    The funds have been designated as $180 million for Samohi, $77 million for Malibu schools, $34.4 million for technology projects district-wide and the remaining $93.5 million as unallocated, to be used for other Santa Monica school modernization projects. The Measure BB $30 million shortfall will be funded proportionally from the allocated Measure ES funds.