• CEQA Meeting 11/29/23
    November 29 CEQA meeting
    November 29 meeting at Grant
    Grant Elementary School's California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Community Meeting

    Thank you for coming out on November 29, 2023, to support Grant's CEQA Community Meeting!

    View Grant's future facility PowerPoint presentation here.
    Watch Grant's CEQA Community Meeting presentation here.

    Grant Town Hall Meeting May 2023

    Grant Elementary School Host Town Hall Community Meeting
    Thank you for coming out on May 10, 2023, to discuss upcoming construction plans and the possible replacement of bungalows.
    Watch Grant's Town Hall Meeting here.

    Grant CEQUA Meeting

    Grant Elementary School's California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Community Meeting
    Thank you for coming out on February 7, 2023, to support Grant's CEQA Community Meeting!
    Watch Grant's CEQA community meeting presentation here.
    View Grant's PowerPoint here.
    Spanish PowerPoint here.

    Grant Building Futures
    The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District (SMMUSD) is completing its extensive modernization projects at Grant Elementary School and preparing to start new construction projects.
    From renovating classrooms with state-of-the-art technology to upgrading and modernizing the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, changes in every corner of the school can be seen and experienced. SMMUSD is in the process of transforming Grant into a progressive, cutting-edge campus for 21st-century learning.

    Take a look at upcoming major projects.

    Modernization of the existing library and surrounding courtyards:
    Grant Library Modernization
    Please note that project renderings are subject to change.

    Coming Up!

    Library Modernization

    Some of the library features will include:

    • Reading area for younger students.
    • Stacks of book shelves, great for students to get lost in.
    • Maker space that will provide students' hands-on learning opportunities.
    • New outdoor reading and learning areas replacing unusable concrete corridors.

    Grant libraryLibraries are continuing to evolve as learning changes. The renovation of the library into a state-ofthe-art library media center and maker space will provide Grant students and staff with facilities that support the school and District’s forward-thinking vision of teaching and learning. Modern facilities will foster collaboration and provide opportunities for students to create and develop real-world skills that will prepare them for the future. The new library will house computer labs and feature a large maker space. "I am very excited about the modernization of the library because we will be creating facilities designed to foster engaging teaching and learning experiences for today’s students,” said Grant Elementary School Principal Christian Fuhrer. “I believe it is important to support our educational mission of “extraordinary achievement for all students while simultaneously closing the achievement gap” by providing modern facilities that will create state-of-theart learning spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing."

    Renovation of the central historic courtyard:

    Grant central courtyardThe Grant historic courtyard is the jewel of the campus. The campus was built around this central garden which contains two majestic trees that are more than 100 years old. This refreshed space will inspire students to experience outdoor learning in new ways while they inhabit the natural setting around them. District staff are excited to create an outdoor classroom that is versatile enough to host cross-grade reading groups or scientific experimentation.

    In addition, the garden will be a tranquil place for students to read silently or practice mindfulness. “The central garden’s meandering paths will lead into the glass wall entrance of the library media center creating a seamless transition from outside to indoors,” said Fuhrer.

    The new space will be more welcoming to students:

    • Include new landscaping and outdoor spaces for students to enjoy.
    • Include new benches, seating areas and special learning spaces for students to utilize.
    • Be more accessible by removing pony wall.

    Renovation of building A (along Pearl Street) to house three transitional kindergarten (TK) classrooms:

    Renovations to Building A
    Elementary schools are expanding to offer universal TK to all four-year-olds by 2025. To make room, Grant Elementary will be expanded through the renovation of building A to create an early learning wing of the campus. Currently, preschool and TK classes are separate from kindergarten classes. This remodeling project will align the school with the state-approved expansion of the TK program. “By clustering our early learning classes, we will have the opportunity to create an early learning cohort which will foster greater collaboration for teachers and more engaging daily learning experiences” said Fuhrer. “In addition, this realignment will provide better safety for our youngest learners.

    Some of the TK classroom features will include:

    • Larger classrooms to support different learning opportunities
    • Flexible age-appropriate furniture.
    • New ensuite restrooms.
    • An expanded outdoor play area.

    Grant Campus Plan

    The library modernization, historic courtyard upgrade and TK expansion comprises phase one of the planned projects at Grant Elementary. The campus plan anticipates a new classroom building with a rooftop garden to replace the bungalows; play field, playground and parking upgrades; and a new two-story classroom building.

    The California Environmental Quality Act:

    The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process is one that allows community members to express their concerns. It also provides the District valuable information/feedback that will be considered when moving forward in the building and design process.

    Here is the CEQA plan for Grant:

    The District will prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that will examine the potential physical impacts to the environment that could happen with construction and operation of the Grant Elementary School campus plan. The EIR will address all planned phases of the campus plan. The library modernization, historic courtyard upgrade and TK expansion comprises phase one of the planned projects at Grant Elementary. The campus plan anticipates a new classroom building with a roof top garden to replace the bungalows; play field, playground and parking upgrades; and a new two-story classroom building.

    Here are the steps of the EIR:

    • Prepare the initial study (IS) – The District working with its CEQA consultants develop the IS that determines in what ways the project may lead to an adverse impact on the environment. The IS is projected to be available by January 2023.
    • Notice of Preparation (NOP) – The IS will be released to the community with the NOP for a 30-day public review period. This will inform the community what the project is, and the potential environmental effects. During the review period, SMMUSD will host a public meeting at Grant. The meeting will include project descriptions, renderings, an open question and answer session along with projected next steps. The NOP will then be mailed to all addresses within a small radius of the school’s campus, and be published and available on the Districts website. Members of the public will be encouraged to share what environmental concerns the EIR should address.
    • Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) – The IS and NOP process will lead to the draft report. The DEIR will provide the community the opportunity to learn about the project, the environmental effects, and proposed mitigation measures. The Board of Education will discuss the EIR at a regular announced board meeting in late spring 2023 and will certify the EIR at their meeting.

    Upcoming Meetings and Information!

    To find out about upcoming meetings and information please visit Grant’s Facility Improvement Projects website.

    The Grant Elementary project is on track to begin construction in June 2023 with measure SMS funding. However, several challenges may delay the start. With the unexpected urgent repair project in process for the Muir / SMASH campus, funding for several other projects may need to be deferred until additional funding is available.

    The future is bright for Grant Elementary and with the community’s support the sky is the limit! The SMMUSD is excited to see the library modernization, historic courtyard upgrade and TK expansion projects come to life.

    "A school building is more than a physical structure providing housing, light, heat, and shelter from the elements; it is the one expression of the community’s commitment to education." - Donald Leu

    Thank You!

    We appreciate your support as we make improvements that are paid for with funds from bond measure SMS.

    Commuity members attend the future facility meeting at Grant Elementary school.
    Neighbors view images at Grant Elementary school's community meeting on March 10, 2022
    Viewing plans for the courtyard at Grant Elementary School.

    Grant Elementary School’s Future Facility Community Meeting, March 10, 2022
    Thank you for coming out on March 10, 2022 to support Grant Elementary School’s Future Facility Community Meeting!
    Watch Grant’s Future Facility Community Meeting presentation here.
    View Grant's Future Facility PowerPoint here.
    See photo slideshow from community meeting here.

    Grant Elementary School’s Future Facility Meeting Questions and Comments section:

    1. Incredible farm and learning space.
    2. Love outdoor spaces.
    3. Love outdoor classrooms.
    4. Would be nice to see final tree plan.
    5. What value do linear uniform hedge rows add?
    6. Strive for variety.
    7. Love rooftop garden idea.
    8. Would like designated area for families waiting from 1:45 to 2:40 p.m.
    9. Please include as many trees and courtyards as possible.
    10. Some areas don’t look child friendly.
    11. Would like view of library.
    12. Area feels cold, dislike open spaces.
    13. More outdoor seating?
    14. Maintain art deco look.
    15. What is happening with Grant’s pre-school?
    16. Library project, how long will it take?

    Draft Historic Resources Reports

    The Board of Education adopted the Historic Resources Policy (BP & AR 7113) at their February 9, 2021 meeting. They directed the review of the facility by historic resources consultants to determine potential historic resources. Attached are the historic resources reports prepared by the Architectural Resources Group and Historical Resources Group. These reports identify facilities that would potentially be considered eligible for listing under the National Register of Historic Places, California Register of Historical Resources, or City of Santa Monica Designated Historic Resources.

    Grant Elementary: https://bit.ly/FIPHRRGRANT
    Executive Summary of Historic Resources visit: https://bit.ly/FIP22HRRSUM

    Modernization Updates

    The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District is moving forward with its extensive modernization and construction projects at Grant Elementary School.  Check out what we’re completing:

    Pearl Street Entrance Receives Enhanced Gate and Fence

    Grant Entrance

    • A new 60-foot long gate and fence were installed at the front entrance of Pearl Street.
    • The new gate and fence stand at eight-feet high and work to heighten the fence line to improve campus security.
    • The heightened fence and gate establish a security perimeter that allows for a better flow of students through the campus.
    • A camera and buzzer system identifies visitor’s and allows them to enter.
    • The new gate and fence were designed to respect and compliment the historic architecture of the 1930s.

    Grant HVAC

    Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

    • The new HVAC systems provide fresh ventilated air, more efficient heat in the winter and cooling in the summer.
    • Thermostats will allow the systems to be sustainable.
    • The new  HVAC systems are now in use providing students a comfortable learning space and a healthier safer environment during the pandemic.

    Grant Fire Alarm

    Fire Alarm Systems

    • The new alarm system is voice activated.
    • System identifies the specific room in trouble.
    • The existing fire alarm systems at Grant will remain functional until the new systems are completely certified by the end of April.
    • This should reduce false alarms.

    Grant Fountain

    Upgraded Drinking Fountains

    • Fully stainless-steel cabinet.
    • Push-button activated bottle fill (no sensor activation).
    • The use of individualized water bottles helps reduce water and plastic waste.

    Grant Furniture


    • The new furniture supports flexibility, and allows for differing modes of learning, thus, improving student engagement.
    • New student desks have been installed throughout classrooms.

    grant security

    Security Cameras

    • Security cameras have been fully installed, programmed and staff have been trained in the operation of the security system.
    • Security cameras are located around the perimeter of the campus and outdoor areas.
    • They will support increased safety and property management.

    Grant bathroom

    Modified Bathrooms

    • All restrooms have been modified to be compliant with the American s with Disabilities Act (ADA) Code.
    • All tile and surfaces have been acid washed and resealed.

    Grant was one of the first schools to go through the district’s modernization process to create a  school environment that is conducive to learning in the 21st century:

    • In 2015, all classrooms and offices received new flooring, new paint and new doors. We also painted exterior surfaces.
    • In 2016 and 2017, we replaced windows and installed new roller shades.
    • Educational technology was upgraded in classrooms and the library. For instance, Wifi access became campus-wide with a faster overall internet connection.  That is in addition to the installation of interactive Smartboards, projectors and in-classroom sound systems.

    What’s next for the campus?

    In June, the district hosted an online community meeting where architects and district staff presented their assessment of the campus and how it might be modified to improve educational and recreational spaces and facilitate 21st-century learning.

    This shows the possible shape of a redesigned library with easy outdoor access.

    You can see that presentation here: Grant Community Meeting PDF

    Campus assessment will drive future changes
    As part of a campus assessment, we are envisioning the replacement of six of the portable buildings on campus, and considering a two-story building containing 10 classrooms as a permanent replacement. We also plan to:

    • Add shade structures and enhance outdoor learning areas
    • Redesign the front of the campus so classrooms are within the security perimeter
    • Improve drop-off / pick-up area(s)
    • Add solar panels and other sustainability tools

    Want to know more about campus assessments, including how to join our next round of community meetings (likely in September)? Head over to the campus assessments page.

    On the safety and security front, we installed a visitor-management system that increased campus security. We are also studying how to create an enhanced secure perimeter in the front of the school.

    The district also installed earthquake valves on natural-gas supply lines earlier this year to bolster campus safety. These valves automatically shut off if a large enough seismic event is detected, reducing the risk of fire.


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