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    Grant was one of the first schools to go through the district’s modernization process to create a  school environment that is conducive to learning in the 21st century:

    • In 2015, all classrooms and offices received new flooring, new paint and new doors. We also painted exterior surfaces.
    • In 2016 and 2017, we replaced windows and installed new roller shades.
    • Educational technology was upgraded in classrooms and the library. For instance, Wifi access became campus-wide with a faster overall internet connection.  That is in addition to the installation of interactive Smartboards, projectors and in-classroom sound systems.

    Modernization project postponed

    In June, the district chose to postpone a planned modernization effort that was to begin during summer. The project was to include:

    • Air conditioning and heating
    • Fire alarm upgrade
    • Front entrance safety improvements
    • New doors/electronic locks
    • Accessibility upgrades.

    The postponement was necessary after the project was priced well above what had been estimated and planned. So pursuing the goal of providing the best value for the district, the FIP team is rethinking the project. That could mean changes to the scope and/or the project schedule.

    The team will keep this page up to date with developments. For more information, see this statement from Chief Operations Officer Carey Upton.

    What’s next for the campus?

    In June, the district hosted an online community meeting where architects and district staff presented their assessment of the campus and how it might be modified to improve educational and recreational spaces and facilitate 21st-century learning.

    This shows the possible shape of a redesigned library with easy outdoor access.

    You can see that presentation here: Grant Community Meeting PDF

    Campus assessment will drive future changes
    As part of a campus assessment, we are envisioning the replacement of six of the portable buildings on campus, and considering a two-story building containing 10 classrooms as a permanent replacement. We also plan to:

    • Add shade structures and enhance outdoor learning areas
    • Redesign the front of the campus so classrooms are within the security perimeter
    • Improve drop-off / pick-up area(s)
    • Add solar panels and other sustainability tools

    Want to know more about campus assessments, including how to join our next round of community meetings (likely in September)? Head over to the campus assessments page.

    On the safety and security front, we installed a visitor-management system that increased campus security. We are also studying how to create an enhanced secure perimeter in the front of the school.

    The district also installed earthquake valves on natural-gas supply lines earlier this year to bolster campus safety. These valves automatically shut off if a large enough seismic event is detected, reducing the risk of fire.

    Grant Facilities Update - Fall 2021

    Grant Elementary School mural
    Building Futures / Futuro de los Edificions

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