Franklin Elementary School

  • Rederings of proposed modifications to Frankln elementary School

    Franklin building shot from old site and new photo of renderings. Rendering captures concepts and possible future projects.

    In 2020, the district completed its two-year modernization of the campus. It included:

    • New heating, ventilation and air conditioning campus-wide
    • New windows
    • New doors
    • New flooring
    • Fresh interior paint and exterior trim
    • Accessibility improvements
    • An upgraded fire alarm and PA system.

    Those projects were paid for by bonds from Measure ES, approved by voters in 2012.

    What’s next
    Architects and district staff are working to envision possible projects to improve the campus to help prepare for the ways children will learn and help prepare students for 21st century jobs.

    In June, an online community meeting was held, during which this campus assessment, which includes proposed changes to campus, was presented.

    Based on feedback from that meeting and meetings with educators, administrators and staff, architects are fine tuning the proposals, estimating costs and proposing the order in which projects would be done. Chosen projects would be funded by bonds from Measure SMS, passed by voters in 2018.

    Another meeting will be held in September. When it’s available, you’ll be able to find the meeting schedule at the campus assessment page. (link to assessment page.) You’ll also be able to learn more about the campus assessment process itself.

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