• Santa Monica Middle School Sports


    Q: What is SMMUSD Middle School Athletics?

    A: Middle School Athletics is an opportunity for your child to participate in a district-sponsored competitive athletic program for Santa Monica schools.

    Q: What sports will be offered?

    A: Fall Sports: Flag Football, Girls Volleyball, Cross Country
    Winter Sports: Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, ESports
    Spring Sports: Soccer, Volleyball, Track & Field

    Q: What is ESports?

    A: E-Sports is organized and competitive video gaming. It primarily involves teams competing against each other in a single match-up or tournament. It's the same as traditional sports.

    Q: How are the teams configured?

    A: Example - Flag Football:

    • One team for flag football with 7th & 8th graders on it (team up to 12 students)
    • One team for flag football with 6th graders on it (team up to 12 students)
    • Each school will have a total of two teams for flag football.
    • JAMS teams will be made up of JAMS & SMASH student athletes.
    • LMS teams will be made up of LMS student athletes.

    Q: How many students will there be per team?

    A: Each sport will offer limited numbers:

    Soccer - 16 students per team
    Volleyball - 10 students per team
    Track & Field - 15 students per team

    Boys Basketball - 9 students per team
    Girls Basketball - 9 students per team
    E-Sports - 16 students per team

    Flag Football - 12 students per team
    Girls Volleyball - 10 students per team
    Cross Country - 15 students per team

    Q: How are tryouts measured?

    A: All middle school students, regardless of sport, will be seen by coaches of the program. Coaches look at all students under the same 8 categories:


    Q: How many practices and games will there be per week?

    A: Each sport is scheduled to offer 2 practices and 1 game or exhibition match per week, depending on the league schedule.


    Q: Will transportation be provided?

    A: In cases where travel is necessary, practices and games are the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Carpool is an option. The coaches can provide suggestions for parents/guardians to consider.

    Q: Will you need volunteers?

    A: Yes! Parents/guardians are encouraged and welcome to volunteer in various ways as the  program grows. Your assistance and support is valuable.  All volunteers must be cleared through SMMUSD. See the Volunteers page for more information.

    Q: Will there be parent meetings and expectations

    A: Parents/guardians will be invited to the team’s opening parents' meeting. This meeting will review the schedule, address student-athlete and parent/guardian behavior and expectations. Transportation and ways to volunteer will be discussed.

    Q: Will my child need a health screening?

    A: No. Health screenings are not required for Middle School Athletics.

    Q: Where will games be played?

    A: Games, meets, matches and exhibitions will be offered at various locations. Most of these sporting events should be hosted at a Santa Monica school or location.  Some events will require travel to the specified location; transportation will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

    Q: What are the days and times of practices and games?

    A: The sports program will have daily offerings based on the season and the number of teams. Most practices and skill development will occur Monday through Thursday, with games, meets or exhibition matches occurring on Fridays, and some Thursdays as scheduled.

    Q: Where will students practice?

    A: Practices will be at JAMS and LMS.

    Q: What do students wear to practice?

    A: Students who participate in practices should consider athletic or workout attire (which consists of shorts or workout pants, sneakers, t-shirt or dry-fit shirt). Turf trainer shoes for field activities are optional; wearing long-sleeved shirts or sweaters for cold weather is encouraged.

    Q: How can I donate to this program?

    A: We encourage families and the community to contribute to the Santa Monica Education Foundation’s Athletics Campaign. By donating to this campaign, you will be supporting both current athletic needs, as well as an athletic endowment which will ensure a permanent, sustainable fund for athletics that will live on in perpetuity.