Frequently Asked Questions by Induction Candidates

  • Q: Do I share my induction work with my supervisor?
    A: The state requires candidates to receive input from your supervisor or designee on annual goals you set to demonstrate professional growth. You must share your Individualized Induction Plan (IIP) goals with your supervisor during a meeting after your initial plan is developed each program year. Performance evaluations are separate and cannot be considered in lieu of programmatic conditions for meeting the requirements of the CTC (California Commission on Teacher Credentialing) approved Professional Clear Credential.

    Q: Does my supervisor get reports on my progress/work quality in the program?
    A: No - Induction activities between coach and candidate are considered confidential as well as all evidence submitted to the program for the purpose of meeting requirements for the Professional Clear Credential.  All employment decisions are handled by HR and the site is separate from the induction program.

    Q: I know the program is a two-year journey. What happens if:
    a) I complete year one of induction but leave the district before year two has been completed?

    A: Completion of the Induction program is not tied to employment. The district will provide you with a document that demonstrates you have completed one year of the program. This document is transferrable and accepted by all CTC Commission approved induction programs. 

    b) I complete year one of the induction program, but the district decides to stop providing the program?
    A: Once a candidate is enrolled in the district Administrator Induction Program, the district will continue to provide direct support to the candidate until the candidate completes, is dropped from, or transfers out of the program. Should the program close, the district will initiate a teach-out plan to ensure the candidate can continue the program as designed until completion. The district will continue to provide the support outlined in the Candidate Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The candidate's progress will be monitored by a designated Advisory Board member, who will be responsible for scheduling completion exercises outlined in the program requirements, such as the exit interview and review of evidence.

    Q: Where are candidate records kept and how can I access them?
    A: Candidate records relating to completion of program requirements (ie. Completion letter or salary credit letter) and credentials are kept within the employees' personnel file forever in accordance with the district records retention policy. Candidate records which include documentation of work related to the candidate's IIP or other program activities (completed prior to 2019), will be kept in a locked cabinet in the program office for a minimum of seven years. After 2019, all candidate records are kept digitally via a secure server on an online Google Portfolio platform. Candidates can access records by contacting Human Resources or the Program Coordinator (see SMMUSD Teacher Induction Organizational Chart for contact info).