Student Data Privacy

  • Student Data Privacy: Educational Software and Applications

    The District is committed to protecting student data and acting in compliance with all legal requirements. The District is authorized to share student data with school business officials that have a legitimate educational interest in such information. School business officials may include third parties that perform services for the District and that are under the direct control of the District with respect to the use and maintenance of student data. For example, the District shares student data with a student information system software program that manages District administrative operations. In these instances, the third party may only use student data for the limited purpose for which it is intended.

    The District has the authority to provide consent on behalf of students for the implementation of necessary educational software programs. SMMUSD enters into Data Privacy Agreements with district sponsored educational software programs. A list of data privacy agreements can be found here:

    We are working on uploading the actual agreements to this site:

    For students under 13, parents may opt students out of any software programs offered by the School Site that are not educational in nature. Please contact your school site for a list of non-educational programs.