Olympic High School Project Overview

  • The modernization and new construction included renovation of fifteen rooms, including seven classrooms. The existing kitchen and adjacent rooms were constructed into a new music classroom.

    The library was renovated to include state-of-the-art equipment. The existing computer lab was modernized into a new science lab and classroom. The main administrative offices were relocated and a new security system was installed to optimize access control.

    The reconstructed playground and hardscape feature new basketball and tennis courts. Construction began in 2013 and was completed in early 2015.

    In Summer 2010, outdoor improvements were completed at Olympic High School to enhance the site visually.

    One existing classroom was upgraded to the district’s new technology standards. The standard includes a projector and screen, document camera, DVD player, and a sound system with a wireless microphone. The school has been upgraded to 1Gpbs networking and campus-wide Wifi. The telephone systems were replaced with a district-wide IP telephone system (VOIP). One teacher and eight student laptops were also provided. Wireless access points were installed throughout the campus and the phone system was replaced with a new IP telephone system. The campus network infrastructure was upgraded to one-gigabit bandwidth to support the wireless access and telephone upgrades.