• Malibu High School and Malibu Middle School Campus Plan presentation, September 18, 2019

    MHS Project Overview
    Modernization and new construction will include replacing the existing library and administrative building with a new library, three science labs, two computer labs, and four general classrooms.

    Ten classrooms in Building E will be renovated and reconfigured to provide two additional classrooms and a new IT room, which will house the main technology infrastructure. Ventilation in the gymnasium locker rooms and the existing fire alarm system will be upgraded.

    Outdoor improvements will include renovating the common areas, a new 150-space parking lot (Parking Lot E), and the reconfiguration of Parking Lot A. The equestrian trail will be relocated near the new Parking Lot E to accommodate a new student drop-off and pick-up lane.

    The Malibu High School project reflects CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) criteria through improved day lighting, integration of sustainable design principles, improved indoor air quality and natural ventilation, maximized energy efficiency, reduced water use and upgraded storm water management system.

    Fifteen (15) existing classrooms were upgraded to the district’s new technology standards. The standard includes a projector and screen, document camera, DVD player, and a sound system with a wireless microphone. The school has been upgraded to 1Gpbs networking and campus-wide Wifi. The telephone systems were replaced with a district-wide IP telephone system (VOIP). One teacher and eight student laptops were provided for sixteen science classrooms. Wireless access points were installed throughout the campus and the phone system was replaced with a new IP telephone system. The campus network infrastructure was upgraded to one-gigabit bandwidth to support the wireless access and telephone upgrades.