Spanish 6 AP: Literature and Culture

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    Suggested Requirements:

    • Prerequisite: Spanish 5AP, grade C or better
    • Placement by instructor recommendation after interview and placement assessment.

    Course Description:

    AP Spanish Literature and Culture

    The AP Spanish Literature and Culture course is a survey course which covers the six AP Spanish Literature themes and the entire reading list outlined within the AP Spanish Literature and Culture curriculum. The course is conducted entirely in Spanish and covers Spanish and Latin American authors, their works, from the medieval period to the present day. The works are presented in chronological order with the aim of integrating the historical themes and literary movements of the different time periods, and highlighting the schools of literature to which each piece belongs as well as the author’s style and the characteristics of each selection. The textbook and class lessons will provide students with the socio-culture context necessary to fully comprehend each piece. Abridged versions of the text are not used; the instructor provides the students with the full text in its original version. The two-semester course and its activities are intended to teach and enhance a student’s ability to acquire, identify, understand, discuss, interpret and analyze the form and content of literary works of prose, poetry and drama along with the literary terms and conceptual aspects of art and history of the time. The lessons are designed to help interpret the figures of speech, tone, genre, style, characters, themes and literary symbols in an effort to develop their analytical and interpretative skills.