Spanish 4

  • Course Description

    This course is taught entirely in Spanish. Students will advance their oral and written communication skills in Spanish from paragraphs to strings of paragraphs of complex sentences, with emphasis on advanced level vocabulary acquisition and broadening their repertoire of grammatical structures with which to express themselves. Students will participate in oral presentations, class discussions, one on one interviews, and write original compositions. At level four, students will read authentic texts and news articles. Students are encouraged to do original thinking and to contribute to classroom discussions.

    Class Goals:

    • To improve and perfect Interpersonal, Interpretive and Presentational communication skills in Spanish.
    • To learn all of the remaining grammar tenses and structures, not studied in levels 1-3. (There are 13 total.)
    • To explore the cultures of Spain and Latin America.
    • To use music, art and film as a means of exploring culture.

    Suggested Pre-requisite Topics:

    • Minimum grade of C or better in Spanish level 3
    • Mastery of the present and past tenses, with working knowledge of commands and the subjunctive mood.

    This Year's Learning Topics by Semester:
    Semester 1

    • Past tense (Preterit vs. imperfect)-presented as review
    • The subjunctive mood-presented as review
    • Formal and informal commands
    • Vocabulary relating to: memorable events, the arts, health and relationships.

    Semester 2

    • Compound tenses that use the helping verb haber
    • Emphasis on indicative vs. subjunctive moods
    • Vocabulary relating to: careers, the future, myths & legends, Spain & the colonization of the Americas, the environment, and the rights and responsibilities of a citizen.

    Your semester grade is comprised of the following weighted categories; homework/classwork- 10%, interpersonal communication assessments- 15%, interpretive communication assessments- 15%, presentational communication assessments- 15%, tests and quizzes- 25%, and a cumulative final exam- 20%.