Visual Art Classes

  • The Santa Monica Visual Arts Department offers a variety of classes for varied skill levels and interests.

    Art AP (10th through 12 Grades)     Prerequisite Portfolio Review

    Portfolios will be reviewed in February the preceding school year. Students create a 29-piece portfolio that will be submitted to the college board. The course is exclusively 2-D work.
    Instructor: Bouse

    Ceramics I (9th through 12th Grades)     No Prerequisite

    Introduction to the fundamentals of ceramics. Students will focus on hand-building techniques and sculptural elements. Students will be able to critique and assess their own art work and that of other artists. Students will learn principles of design and ceramics vocabulary through a variety of clay projects.
    Instructors:  Fischer and Gutierrez

    Ceramics II (9th through 12th Gradees)     Prerequisite Ceramics I

    In this advanced course students will continue to develop their technical skills while exploring their own personal interests in specific techniques and themes. Students gain knowledge of complicated firing processes, wheel throwing and are encouraged to take ownership of the studio space and create a portfolio of work that shows depth in this medium. Students will have an opportunity to work on independent projects.
    Instructor:  Gutierrez

    Digital Design I (9th through 12 Grades)     No Prerequisite

    Introductory course to CTE Graphic Design is intended to prepare students to master key CTE standards for graphic design. The course will help students gain the basic critical skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign required to become proficient in the key CTE Standards. Content will include retouching, logo design, poster design, brochure design, identity packages, presentation skills and group projects.
    Instructor:  Saunders

    Digital Design II (9th through 12th Grades)     Prerequisite Digital Design I

    Intermediate course in CTE Graphic Design intended to prepare students for further mastery of key CTE standards for graphic design. The course will help students develop more critical skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Content will include retouching, logo design, layout, poster design, brochure design, identity packages, presentations and group projects.
    Instructor:  Saunders

    Digital Design III (11th and 12th Grades)     Prerequisite Digital Design II

    Students apply their intro and intermediate knowledge to the production and sale of the SAMOHI Yearbook as well as getting certified as Adobe pros via Adobe’s certification programs.
    Instructor:  Saunders

    Drawing I (9th through 12th Grades)     No Prerequisite

    This is an entry level drawing class designed for students who are interested in developing basic drawing skills and demonstrating basic drawing techniques. Students will learn a variety of tips and tricks in order for all learners to be successful in their art journey. First semester is focused on fundamental drawing and observational skills that they will be able to apply values in a variety of techniques as well as materials to begin more realistic interpretations of given subjects. Second semester will introduce color that will build on and enhance what they have already mastered in First semester. The second semester will also challenge the students with more creativity as they progress further in the year. Throughout the year students will also design and complete a Digital Portfolio that will keep record of their work as well as apply a written component answering questions pertaining to the main objective while using learned art vocabulary.
    Instructor:  Sunseri

    Drawing II (9th through 12 Grades)     Prerequisite Drawing I

    Drawing I is a prerequisite for Drawing II. However, the prerequisite can be waived with a portfolio review. This class will expand on the skills and techniques mastered in Drawing I. Students will be challenged with ideas, compositions, materials and subject matter that they will need to come up with on their own to fit each project requirement. Students will be expected to perform at a higher level since knowing the basic fundamental skills and techniques prior to entering the class. This class will also be expanding on students’ Digital Portfolios and will also be required to discuss their artistic choices through the use of art vocabulary.
    Instructor:  Sunseri

    Film/Video Production (9th to 12th Grades)     No Prerequisite

    Film and video production introduces students to the basic fundamentals of creating video content .
    Instructor:  Wishart

    Painting I (9th through 12th Grades)     No Prerequisite

    Students learn both the technical and creative elements of art. Students start with a brief review of fundamental drawing techniques and then move to black and white paint. Once they have completed two months of black and white painting, they begin with color theory and color paintings.
    Instructor:  Bouse

    Painting 2-4 (10th through 12th Grades)     Prerequisite Painting I

    In Painting 2-4, students work on independent projects, developing and refining their individual styles and techniques.
    Instructor:  Bouse

    Photography I (10th through 12th Grades)     No Prerequisite

    This introductory course in CTE Photography introduces students to the fundamentals of photography (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure) using B&W film, 35mm film cameras (provided by Samohi), chemical darkroom and darkroom enlargements. In the Spring students will use 35mm digital cameras (provided by Samohi) and learn how to process their digital files in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Beginning lighting setups (continuous lights and strobes) will also be taught. This class prepares students for a CTE Pathway in Photography (Photography 2 and Photography 3 Photo Production).
    Instructor:  Ledford

    Photography II (10th through 12 Grades)     Prerequisite Photo I

    Students with prior photography experience at a former school and have photo portfolios can submit the portfolios for review consideration to be accepted into Photography II. Building upon photography fundamentals learned in Photography I, students learn more advanced lighting techniques (studio lighting, on-location lighting with portable light kits). Advanced Photoshop and Lightroom post-production of RAW digital files will be taught to prepare images for websites, social media, prints and gallery exhibitions. Students will create zines, publish books and make prints for a Photography II art exhibition.
    Instructor:  Ledford

    Photography III (11th through 12 Grades)     Prerequisite Photo II

    Students will work in teams to complete photography assignments from instructor as well as photography jobs submitted to students from Administration and outside vendors. Students will learn and use advanced lighting techniques (inside studio and outside location lighting). Students will work with Digital Design production students to create team projects and assignments.
    Instructor:  Ledford