• Human Resources and Personnel Commission

    Phone: 310-450-8338 and Fax: 310-450-0898

    Dr. Mark Kelly, Assistant Superintendent
    x70220  mkelly@smmusd.org
    Vacant, Director of Human Resources
    Joshua Kahn, Director of Classified Employees
    x70280  jkahn@smmusd.org

    Human Resources

    Lisa Andersen, Senior Administrative Assistant, 8-4:30pm
    x70220     landersen@smmusd.org
    Nedra Ford, Human Resources Specialist – Classified, 8:30-5pm
    x70301     nford@smmusd.org
    Christine Garrett, Human Resources Tech, 8-4:30pm
    x70272     cgarrett@smmusd.org
    Leonor Gomez, Senior Office Specialist, 8-5pm
    x70-0     lgomez@smmusd.org
    Vida Kamkar
    , Human Resources Specialist, 7:30-4pm
    x70273     vkamkar@smmusd.org
    Katherine Qureshi, Senior Office Specialist, 7:30-4pm
    x70274     kqureshi@smmusd.org
    Anthony Walker, Benefits Technician, 8-4:30pm
    x70277     awalker@smmusd.org

    New Teacher Induction (BTSA - 50%) x79560
    Tristen Gartrell  tgartrell@smmusd.org

    Personnel Commission

    Clare Caldera, Personnel Analyst, 8-4:30pm
    x70308     ccaldera@smmusd.org
    Nichelle Cummings, Human Resources Technician     
    x70278     ncummings@smmusd.org
    Jana Hatch, Administrative Assistant, 8-4:30pm
    x70279     jhatch@smmusd.org
    Cindy Johnston, Human Resources Technician, 12:30-4:30pm
    x70326     cjohnston@smmusd.org
    Julie Younan, Human Resources Technician, 7:00-3:30pm
    x70271     jyounan@smmusd.org