Stairway of the Stars

  • 71st Annual “Stairway of the Stars” concert

    Featuring more than 800 elementary, middle, and high school students all in one concert, the 71st Annual Stairway of the Stars showcased SMMUSD's music education programs, as well as the talents of students from every school within the Santa Monica and Malibu community.

    Tom Whaley, Visual and Performing Arts coordinator for SMMUSD said, “Stairway of the Stars first started at John Adams Middle School in the auditorium. I believe former Santa Monica High School band director and music supervisor for the district, Dick Wagnon was influential in not only its first few years, but also expanding the concept to grow into the Civic Auditorium. Unfortunately, the Civic Auditorium is no longer available, so we will be utilizing our outdoor Greek theatre at Samohi for the concert this year."

    The concert series consists of orchestra, choir and band performances. In a recent press release, SMMUSD Superintendent Dr. Ben Drati said, “The Stairway concert is the culmination of hard work and dedication by our students and music teachers and we look forward to exceptional performances again this year.”

    This year's concert represented a "return to normality" in terms of music instruction and performing in the district, as it was the first in-person Stairway concert since the start of the pandemic.