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  • The adoption of the California Standards presents a unique opportunity for schools across the nation to transform teaching and learning, so that they effectively prepare all children for their future in college and the world of work. The goal of college and career readiness for all is at the core of this initiative, and it will take the collaborative efforts of schools, parents, and the broader community to make that goal a reality. Following are resources for parents to learn more about the California Standards, as well as resources they can use to help their children meet these bold new expectations.

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    Parent Roadmaps for English Language Arts

    Parent Roadmaps for Math

    The Council of the Great City Schools' parent roadmaps in English language arts/literacy and in mathematics provide guidance to parents about what their children will be learning and how they can support that learning in grades K-8. These parent roadmaps for each grade level also provide three-year snap-shots showing how selected standards progress from year to year so that students will be college and career ready upon their graduation from high school.

    The Parents' Guide to Student Success

    National PTA® created the guides for grades K-8 and 2 for grades 9-12 (one for English language arts/literacy and one for mathematics).

    The Guide includes:
    Key items that children should be learning in English language arts and mathematics in each grade, once the standards are fully implemented.
    Activities that parents can do at home to support their child's learning.
    Methods for helping parents build stronger relationships with their child's teacher.
    Tips for planning for college and career (high school only).
    Available in English and Spanish. Disponible en Inglés y Español.