Chinese 2

  • Course Description

    Suggested Prerequisite: Chinese 1 with a grade of "C" or better or teacher approval Chinese 2 is the continuation of the beginning level course in Chinese. The objective of the course is to use created language - sentences and strings of sentences- to address topics related to self and the immediate environment such as social relationships, school life, clothing and transportation. The emphasis continues to be primarily listening and speaking, and secondly reading and writing. Pair and group work is frequently used. Chinese culture is an integral part of the curriculum. The course content and structure will be aligned with the state's World Language Content Standards for California Public Schools and American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Students who successfully complete this course will develop their Chinese proficiencies at the Novice Mid to Novice High range of the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.

    Mode of Communication

    Interpersonal Communication, Novice Mid:
    I can communicate on very familiar topics using a variety of words and phrases that I have practiced and memorized.

    Interpersonal Communication, Novice High:
    I can communicate and exchange information about familiar topics using phrases and simple sentences, sometimes supported by memorized language. I can usually handle short social interactions in everyday situations by asking and answering simple questions.

    Presentational Speaking, Novice Mid:
    I can present information about myself and some other very familiar topics using a variety of words, phrases, and memorized expressions.

    Presentational Speaking, Novice High:
    I can present basic information on familiar topics using language I have practiced using phrases and simple sentences.

    Presentational Writing, Novice Mid:
    I can write lists and memorized phrases on familiar topics.

    Presentational Writing, Novice High:
    I can write short messages and notes on familiar topics related to everyday life.

    Interpretive Listening, Novice Mid:
    I can recognize some familiar words and phrases when I hear them spoken.

    Interpretive Listening, Novice High:
    I can often understand words, phrases, and simple sentences related to everyday life. I can recognize pieces of information and sometimes understand the main topic of what is being said.

    Interpretive Reading, Novice Mid:
    I can recognize some letters or characters. I can understand some learned or memorized words and phrases when I read.

    Interpretive Reading, Novice High:
    I can understand familiar words, phrases, and sentences within short and simple texts related to everyday life. I can sometimes understand the main idea of what I have read.

    Major Units:

    1. Making Appointments
    2. Studying Chinese
    3. School Life
    4. Shopping
    5. Transportation

    Major Grammatical Focus:

    13. Amounts of Money


    Grading categories and percentage breakdowns for the course are as follows: Interpersonal 2-way Communication such as conversations and text chats (15%), Presentational 1-way Output such as speeches and writing (15%), Interpretive 1-way Input such as listening and reading (15%), Tests and Quizzes (25%), Final Exam (20%), Homework (10%)