Current Bidding Opportunities

  • Purchasing Department

    1651 16th Street
    Santa Monica, California 90404
    (310) 450-8338

    The Purchasing Department is responsible for purchasing all supplies, equipment, and materials as well as contractual agreements to support all District sites and offices in obtaining the best quality and value for products and services. The ultimate goal of the department is to support our schools so that all students achieve and receive the highest quality education.  Below is list of bid opportunities currently available with the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Purchasing Department.  Contractor Bidding Opportunities with Facilities Improvement Projects are available at:

    RFP #21.16 High Speed Lit or Dark Fiber Optic Network

    The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District of Los Angeles County will receive sealed proposals on the following: RFP# 21.16 – High Speed Lit and/or Dark Fiber Optic Network. Fitness and quality being equal, supplies grown, manufactured, or produced in the State of California will be given preference. Due to COVID-19 Stay Safer at Home Orders, all proposals must be electronically submitted with bid name and number via ARC Southern California file share at to the attention of: Kim Nguyen, Director of Purchasing - Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District at

    Pre-bid site walk will be held over TWO (2) days on:

    • Thursday, February 18, 2021 of Santa Monica sites at 9:00 a.m., Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Office, 1651 16th Street in Santa Monica; and
    • Friday, February 19, 2021 of Malibu sites at 9:00 a.m., Malibu High School front office, 30215 Morning View Drive in Malibu

    Contractors are encouraged to attend the job walk especially if they are not a current district service provider to understand the current network configuration to enable a bid submission with viable solutions to meet the requirements of the district.  All contractors are to RSVP with by Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 12:00 p.m.  If no RSVP is received, it will be assumed that no contractors are interested in attending and no District staff will be present to conduct the job walk.
    *Due to COVID-19 On site visits and SITE WALKs must adhere to SMMUSD, LA County and State of California Covid-19 safety regulations within the following link:
    Due to the nature of wide area network and the two (2) cities which encompass the District, it may be necessary for the District to award the contract between the sites located in the City of Santa Monica and the sites located in the City of Malibu. The District reserves the right to award the contract in the best interest of the District i.e. Malibu only and Santa Monica only.  The right is reserved to reject any and all proposals.

    Electronic Bid Submittal Deadline: 3/22/21 at 2:00pm

    A bid, price or quote is given to the District by private firms that are willing to complete the construction project. A bid tells the owner how much money they should expect to pay the construction management company in order for them to complete the project.

    Formal Bid:

    A formal bid is used for public projects exceeding the current CUPPCA cost limits. Any and all contractors are allowed to submit their bid due to public advertising.


    Is an informal process for public projects less than the current CUPPCA cost limits. A selection of pre-qualified contractors is sent an invitation for price or quotes so only they can submit a price or quotes for the specified project.

    The District utlizies various selection methods based on the services we are seeking.

    Low-bid selection:

    This selection focuses on the price of a project. The District then issues an RFP or RFB (depending on the dollar amount) to multiple construction firms to submit a proposal or bid to the District that is the lowest amount they are willing to do the job for. Then the District chooses the firm with the lowest bid to complete the job.

    Best-value selection:

    This selection focuses on both the price and qualifications of the contractors submitting a price or quote. This means that the District chooses the contractor with the best price and the best qualifications. The District decides by using a request for proposal (RFP), which provides the District with the contractor's exact form of scheduling and budgeting that the contractor expects to use for the project.

    Qualifications-based selection:

    This selection is used when the District decides to choose the contractor only on the basis of their qualifications. The District then uses a request for qualifications (RFQ), which provides the District with the contractor's experience, management plans, project organization, and budget and schedule performance. The District may also ask for safety records and individual credentials of their members.