Physical Education Department

  • 1. Physical Education Unit and Curriculum Preparation (40%)

    Students will earn a daily grade for their physical education preparation based on the rubric chart below.

    Phsical Education Matrix

    2. Fitness (20%)
    Students are required to actively engage in daily fitness. Daily fitness includes activities such as warm-up, stretching, running, low and high intensity workouts, cool-down, etc

    3. Mile/Pacer (20%)
    Students will participate in the mile run and 20 meter pacer test at least once per grading period to enhance cardiovascular endurance.

    4. Skills Tests/Written Assessments/ Projects (20%)
    Students will demonstrate knowledge of a unit through written and skills test, fitness plans, class demonstrations, and presentations.

    Students are expected to arrive to class on time, dressed, and prepared for activity. Students can make up points due to excused and unexcused absences by participating in an activity during nutrition and lunch. This must be pre-arranged by a teacher.

    Physical Education Excuses
    Students may be excused from participating in physical education or have a modified program for up to three consecutive days with a written request from a parent. Regardless of the reason, excuses lasting over three days REQUIRE a physician’s note indicating the diagnosis and the length of time the excuse is needed. Physician excuses must be given to the school nurse to be documented.

    Locker Room
    Every student is assigned a P.E. locker in which to store his or her own uniform only. Students are assigned their own lockers and are NOT to share with peers. Students are only allowed in the locker room with adult supervision.

    Food, drinks, gum, aerosol deodorants (AXE), and perfumed body sprays are prohibited in the locker room.

    Every locker in the P.E. dressing room can be subject to random inspection by any person including a police officer, authorized by the administration at any time, with or without the presence of the student to whom the locker is assigned and without advance notice thereof.

    Physical Education Units

    Students enrolled in John Adams Middle School are not required to pay any fee, deposit, or other charge for participation in an educational activity offered by the school or the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District, except as authorized by law. Donations are sought and accepted for various activities and supplies, and are at times critical to the success of classes and activities, but donations are voluntary.

    All physical education students are expected to participate in class activities and will need appropriate footwear, a PE uniform, and a combination lock. Physical education uniforms may be purchased at the school or from a local store of your choice. The standardized physical education uniform requirements: 1. Gray T-shirt 2. Blue shorts or sweatpants 3. Running shoes