8th Grade Promotion

  • Promotion Ceremony

    Friday, June 11, 2021
    9:00 am – Thunder A (last names A-L)
    11:00 am – Thunder B (last names M-Z)

    The ceremonies will begin at 9 and 11 am. Students should arrive no later than 8:30 am for the 9 am ceremony and 10:30 am for the 11 am ceremony. Parking may be limited in the immediate area so allow yourself time to park.

    Only parents/guardians can attend and ALL GUESTS MUST REGISTER HERE.  The County requires that we assign households to specific spaces prior to the Promotion.  This registration will allow us to contact trace if we need to.  Location in proximity to the stage will be assigned by a lottery.  This is not a general admission situation.

    Proper Attire for Promotion Ceremony

    Acceptable attire:  Dress shirts, blouses, pants, ties, sweaters, sports jackets, suits, pants suits, skirts and daytime dresses that meet dress-code length

    Not allowed: t-shirts, shorts, formals, strapless dresses, bare midriffs

    Not recommended: jeans

    Don’t forget the sunscreen.