John Adams Middle School Counseling Services

  • Individual Counseling: Counselors help students express concerns and problems, better understand themselves and others, and work toward positive educational, socio-emotional, and personal development.

    Developmental Counseling Groups: Counselors help students learn from each other and share common concerns. These groups explore: feelings, values, attitudes, experiences, decision making, and interrelationships.

    Problem-Centered Counseling Groups: Counselors help students deal with concerns that may be interfering with learning, such as disruptive classroom behavior, inadequate social skills, underachievement, and personal issues.

    Counselors Work and Coordinate with:

    Teachers: to evaluate behaviors and individual needs of students, to assist in enhancing the total development of children, to offer suggestions for behavior management, and to provide classroom presentations and workshops.

    Parents: to promote effective parenting skills, to help with challenges that may be occurring at home, to encourage positive home-school relationships, and to follow up on the concerns and progress of the student.

    Administrators: to provide the most effective learning atmosphere at school.

    On-site Specialists: to promote maximum development of the students’ educational potential and to serve those with special needs.

    Community Agencies: to make appropriate arrangements or referrals for additional support and follow-up services.