• Hello JAMS families & welcome to the 2022-23 school year!

    Please find below some important information from the JAMS Attendance Office.

    Regular school attendance and promptness are crucial if students are to be successful academically. Therefore, the staff of John Adams Middle School monitors student absences and tardies and works with students and families to ensure that every student attends school regularly, is prepared and arrives on time.

    What to do if your child is absent:
    Fill out the online attendance form or call 310-452-2326 x 72201 by 3pm on the day of the absence. If leaving a voicemail, please state your child’s name, student ID or date of birth, your relationship to the child, the date of the absence and reason for the absence. 
    Any absence not cleared within 72 hours will be recorded as truant.
    The attendance form can be found under the “Find It Fast” button on the JAMS website ( Here is a direct link:

    According to the State of California, ONLY the following are considered excused absences:

    • Illness (absences exceeding three days require a doctor’s note)
    • Medical/Dental appointments (although we encourage you to make appointments outside of school hours). Please bring us a note from the doctor/dentist.
    • Religious holidays
    • Required county/state court appointments.
    • Funeral

    What to do if your child is tardy:
    Walk your child in or send them with a (parent-written) note if more than 10 minutes tardy. Three or more tardies will lead to a referral, detention and demerits.

    What to do if your child is leaving early:
    Fill out the online attendance form, call 310-452-2326 x 72201 or send your child with a handwritten note to give to the office first thing in the morning on the day they are leaving early. Students may only leave campus early when excused by the Attendance Office. We need to know your child’s name, student ID, your relationship to the child, the time and reason that they are leaving early and (on handwritten notes) a phone number where you can be reached for verification. Parents/guardians must come into the office to sign their child out.

    If advance notice is not given, please be patient as we locate your child and bring them to the office. This is especially important at lunchtime when students are spread out all over campus.

    Attendance Notifications:
    Each day that a student is absent for unreported or unexcused absences, parents will receive a recorded message from the district’s computer dialing system. If you are not receiving attendance notifications, please contact the office so that we may verify your contact information. 

    Independent Study:
    If a student is planning to be absent for five or more consecutive days, he/she might qualify for Independent Study. A student on Independent Study completes the work that he/she would have done at school on the days missed.

    Independent Study is appropriate in the following situations:

    • Out of state or out of country emergency
    • Catastrophic family situation
    • Legal or government situation
    • Severe health issue
    • Special circumstances

    Independent Study will be denied in the following situations:

    • Vacations or trips
    • Visiting friends or relatives
    • Extending the length of school breaks

    Parents must notify the attendance office two weeks in advance when requesting Independent Study. Schoolwork will be collected from the teachers and given to the student prior to the absence. Upon the student’s return to school, all work must be turned in to the teacher. The percentage of work completed will determine course credits and attendance proportionately. To set up Independent Study, please contact Ms. Beekman in the Attendance Office or email her at

    When a student is absent from school without the parent’s knowledge or permission, the absence is considered a truancy and is unexcused by the school. Students who exhibit a continual problem with attendance will be referred to the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB). Truancies may result in In-House Suspension. Leaving school without permission is treated as a truancy.

    If you have any questions about attendance, absences, tardies and/or leaving early, please contact Jenelle Beekman at 310-452-2326 x72209 or