JAMS Humanities Department

  • 6th Grade Course of Study

    All course work, activities, and assignments are designed to expand students' knowledge in the areas of Language Arts and Social Studies. Students will further develop their literacy skills and study a variety of cultures.


    1. To present 6th grade Humanities course content and facilitate advancement in academic areas.
    2. To enhance development of students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
    3. To promote continued enrichment in the area of various cultures.
    4. To foster students' social development and interaction in a nurturing and safe classroom environment.

    While all new material will be covered in class, students are expected to complete in a timely manner any reading or follow-up work assigned as homework or missed due to absence. Projects, reports, presentations, etc., are to be turned in when due, and full participation in class discussions and cooperative work groups is expected of all students. One special project will be completed each grading period, and some form of homework (reading, study, or other) can be expected Monday through Thursday.

    Grades will be based on effort and participation, the successful and timely completion of class work, projects, and homework assignments, and performance on occasional exams and quizzes.

    6th Grade Monthly Reading

    Students are expected to read at least one book a month selected from a variety of genres including:

    • Autobiography, Biography, and Heroes
    • Science Fiction and Fantasy
    • Mystery, Adventure, and Supernatural
    • Historical Fiction
    • Contemporary Realism
    • Poetry and Humor
    • Nonfiction
    • Poetry and Humor

    During the month, students complete a bibliography card that includes publishing information and a concise summary of the book. A different creative response is due at the end of the month.

    Students will:

    • read from a variety of genres
    • identify, analyze and critique literary elements (e.g., plot, setting, character, theme
    • summarize the main idea
    • recognize figurative language in poetry and prose
    • develop vocabulary

    Writing Strategies

    The writing process will be used to produce clear, coherent, and focused essays. Emphasis will be placed on the following genres:

    • narrative (e.g., story, personal narrative)
    • expository (e.g., description, explanation, compare &contrast, problem solution)
    • response to literature
    • research reports (e.g., ancient Egypt/Greece/Rome)
    • persuasive

    Writing Conventions

    Students will be introduced to:

    • sentence structure (e.g., complete sent., compound/complex sent.)
    • grammar (e.g., pronouns, subject-verb agreement)
    • punctuation (periods, commas, question marks, exclamation marks, quotation marks, apostrophes, semicolons, colons)
    • spelling - frequently misspelled words (e.g., there, their, they're)

    Social Studies

    Social Studies skills integrated with those of language arts include:

    • note taking and outlining strategies
    • question & answer
    • cause & effect
    • research and technology
    • Bibliographic form