Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE)

  • ISPE affords students the opportunity to extend physical education learning activities beyond the school campus and regular school hours.

    Grading and Credit Policy

    1. ISPE students will receive a grade of PASS (P) or FAIL (F).
    2. Course credit is earned when a grade of PASS is earned at the end of the semester.
    3. A passing grade is earned by satisfactorily fulfilling an ISPE agreement, including submitting complete and accurate ISPE Activity Logs, and completing all required curricular assignments. All paperwork must be submitted on time.
    4. Students turning in the Activity Log Form late will receive a grade of Fail (F) on their progress report. This grade will not be changed until the final semester grade is recorded.
    5. The site administrator or designee may review an ISPE agreement for students who fail to satisfactorily fulfill one or more parts of the ISPE agreement.

    Independent Study Applications 2023-24

    The application for the 2023-24 school year is due on April 21, 2023 at 4:00pm.

    Email completed applications to

    Independent Study Activity Log Sheets 2022-23