• Water Saving:

    Workers installing irrigation systems at an SMMSUD school The District is committed to reducing water use by 2 million gallons per year by implementing indoor water saving appliances, outdoor low-water landscaping and water saving irrigation techniques and to commit to water reduction behavioral practices. Indoor water saving appliances include low-flow and timed faucets, flow restrictors, aerators, low-flow spray valves, sensor and low water toilets and waterless urinals.

    WaterWise, Inc. conducting water audits at Edison. The District’s strategy is to conserve water outlined in the City's Sustainable Water Master Plan (SWMP) to reduce water use city wide by 20% in response to drought. Analysis of SWMP based on minimum district saving of two million gallons of water/year.

    Water Audits and Retrofitting:
    -To identify where appliances can be upgraded to waste less water, the District conducted indoor water-use audits and landscape audits for outdoor irrigation in the District buildings and schools. These audits will result in retrofits and replacements to the current appliances necessary to reduce District water use by at least two million gallons per year.

    -623,055 gallons of water per year will be saved due to the installation of faucet flow restrictors on 18 sinks in the four Malibu campus kitchens. This was a result from a kitchen appliance audit conducted by Cash for Kitchens and West Basin Municipal Water District in June, 2017.

    Districtwide water audits were completed by WaterWise Consulting Inc. in September, 2017. View the Water Audit reports:
    > Juan Cabrillo Elementary School Water Audit Report-WaterWise
    > Malibu High School Water Audit Report-WaterWise
    > Point Dume Elementary Water Audit Report-WaterWise
    > Webster Elementary Water Audit Report-WaterWise

    As part of the City of Santa Monica drought response, irrigation audits and retrofitting and drought-tolerant landscaping are underway. The goal is to reduce water use and waste through efficient irrigation systems, eliminate and quickly respond to leaks and enforce water saving.