Energy Efficiency & Renewables


    Minimize the use of energy resources, convert to clean, renewable energy sources, and redirect financial resources towards student learning and sustainability initiatives.

    Curious about our energy consumption? Explore our Energy Dashboard: SMMUSD Energy Dashboard

    Tracking & Monitoring
    All district electricity consumption and solar production is tracked and monitored. Monthly reporting are produced and distributed to give clear picture of trends. Each month, energy usage is compared and sites are rated based on their savings. Click here for monthly energy reports

    The District reduced electricity by 7.5% in FY 2018-2019 which saved $71, 676 in electricity costs.

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  • Program Overview:

    The generation of electricity and subsequent consumption of energy in buildings represents the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. Acknowledging this reality, the District strives to minimize the environmental impacts of the District’s energy needs through an integrated approach of energy conservation, efficiency measures, effective energy management, and the transition to clean, renewable energy systems.

  • SMMUSD Energy Goals

    The District uses 100% renewable power for electricity!
    On March 1, 2019, the district joined the Clean Power Alliance [CPA] which provided 100% renewable electricity for the district's purchased electricity needs. The district joined both City of Malibu and City of Santa Monica with this commitment. As of March 2020, the district received 36% renewable energy from the Clean Power Alliance. In October 2023, the District transitioned back to 100% renewable electricity and is recognized as a Clean Power Alliance Green Leader.

    Clean Power Alliance infographic

    How it works: Southern California Edison still provides and distributes all electricity to the district. The CPA provides Edison with the renewable electricity used by the district.

    Learn more here:

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    Worker installing LED lighting LED Lighting:
    As of 2019, all indoor and outdoor District lighting has been upgraded to LED lighting. The fixtures have been upgraded and energy-saving occupancy sensors and controllable dimmers have also been installed. This project will save the district approximately 719 kW per year in energy and $260,000 in lighting related costs. The electricity savings is being tracked and will be compared monthly and annually to determine actual savings.

    The LED lighting replacement was completed in May 2019 through Proposition 39. The Clean Energy Jobs Act Prop. 39 is a K-12 Program that provides grant funds for energy projects, energy efficiency upgrades and clean energy generation at schools. The district underwent extensive indoor and outdoor energy audits and replaced all CFL, HID and fluorescent lighting with high efficiency LEDs and new fixtures.

    Existing on-site Solar:
    Solar generates 13% of district electricity demand.

    Goals: By 2020, generate 20% of the district electricity demand from solar.

    Solar (PV) Installation: In 2011, leased rooftop Solar PV arrays were installed on nine elementary school campuses. The total size capacity of the systems is 863.310 kW.
    Energy consumption at assorted SMMUSD school sites

    Solar panels installed on the John Adams Middle School campus Future Solar:
    Solar is in the design phase for Edison Language Academy, Santa Monica HS Innovation and Malibu Middle High School.

    Santa Monica HS will also have the district's first battery storage to capture solar produced electricity. The battery will be installed by 2020.

    Tracking & Monitoring
    All district electricity consumption and solar production is tracked and monitored. Monthly reporting are produced and distributed to give clear picture of trends. Each month, energy usage is compared and sites are rated based on their savings. Click here for monthly energy reports.

    Behavior related Energy Saving:
    The District's energy program strives to educate students and staff on the importance of energy efficiency and renewable energy while promoting behavior change and providing tangible actions they can take to help the District achieve their energy goals.

    Continuous Energy Program [CEI]: The CEI Behavior Program was developed in fall 2017 as a communications campaign to drive behavior change and provide District staff and students with information and tips on saving energy. This program targets the, "What you can do to save energy" portion of energy reduction goals. As part of this program, all district staff receives checklists for energy conservation to implement at the end of each day, prior to weekends and holidays. Comparisons of energy consumption by site provide feedback on performance and incentivize participation.

    The program is highlighting three simple behaviors that have a large impact on energy use:

    1. Shut down and power off all IT equipment in classrooms and offices when not in use and at end of each day. This includes computers, tablets, copy machines, smart boards, projectors and lamination machines.
    2. Shut off all lights when the room is not occupied and at the end of each day. Do not rely on lighting sensors.
    3. Close all doors when room is not occupied, at the end of each day, and especially when HVAC system is activated.

    Energy Detectives
    The Energy Detective program engages students as hands-on advocates for energy conservation. Teachers appoint interested students to be classroom "Energy Detectives" and provide checklists of actions that students can find and implement to save energy, such as turning off lights and electronics at the end of the day. The goal is to expand this program to all school sites.

    SMMUSD Energy Detectives

    Please turn off the lights Energy Competitions "Take Charge":
    "Take Charge" is a districtwide bi-annual energy saving competition. The District hosted their competition in fall 2018, which uses friendly competition to encourage students and staff to participate in energy conservation efforts. Signage and training is used to educate how to succeed in the competitions.

    SMMUSD teacher sustainability training. Energy Training:
    All district staff undergoes energy training to educate on the best way they can save energy during their work hours. All staff are trained to identify areas of high energy usage and trained on how to remedy the issue. The Friday Memo packets also include reminders on energy saving and tips.

    Click here for M&O Staff training presentation.

    Energy Vampre are appliances that use electricity even when switched off.