Student Code of Conduct

  • __ Be in your seat and prepared to work when the bell rings.
    __ Meet all school and class deadlines including homework, projects, and papers. Do all required coursework.
    __ Bring required materials to class everyday including your ID card and Student planner.
    __ Engage actively in listening and learning. No talking when the teacher is talking or when a student is presenting a question or answer.
    __ Be honest. No cheating, plagiarism, or theft.
    __ Show respect toward yourself and others, use appropriate language, refrain from hurtful behavior or language, and disruptive activity.
    __ Be accountable. Take responsibility for your own actions.
    __ Dress appropriately for school. No head coverings in the classroom.
    __ Only water is allowed in the classroom. No eating, drinking, or chewing gum.
    __ Keep electronic devices turned off and out of sight. No headphones are to be worn in the classroom.
    __ Help to maintain a clean and safe learning environment. Throw your trash in the designated receptacle.