Hat Policy

  • Santa Monica High School will permit students to wear hats and caps on campus in order to protect students from the sun. All students are required to adhere to the following guidelines when wearing hats or caps on campus.

    Hats may only be worn outside of school buildings. Hats worn inside school buildings, including classrooms, may be confiscated.
    Students may wear any of the following hats or caps:
    __ School hats or caps provided by an authorized ASB organization.
    __ Authorized ASB organizations include hats or caps sold in the Vikes' Inn, by a school athletic team or otherwise approved by ASB.
    __ Plain blue or gold hats or caps.
    __ Students may not wear any other hats or caps. Hats or caps with commercial logos are not permitted. In addition, bandanas, scarves, headbands, or any other kind of head coverings are not allowed.
    __ Approved hats or caps that have been altered are not allowed.

    Students who violate any part of this hat policy will be given the opportunity to remove the hat, cap or other head covering. If this corrective action does not result in a positive outcome, students will be considered in defiance of authority and additional disciplinary action will be imposed.