Electronics and Cell Phone Policy

  • Santa Monica High School allows the use of electronic devices for non-academic means on campus ONLY BEFORE SCHOOL, BETWEEN PERIODS, DURING LUNCH, and AFTER SCHOOL.

    Electronic devices include, but are not limited to: cell phones, cameras, iPods/MP3 players, laptops/tablets, portable speakers, handheld electronic games, headphones/earbuds, etc.Students and their parents/guardians take full responsibility for any and all electronic signaling devices (including cell phones) which the student may bring to school.In no event or circumstance will the district or its staff be held responsible or liable for the loss, theft or damage to any such device. This includes the loss, theft, or damage of confiscated cell phones and similar devices (SMMUSD AR 5131.8). Should you be in violation of this policy, the following progressive steps will be taken:

    1st offense: Phone taken away. The phone will be released to the student at the end of the day. Student conference with advisor. House personnel will make parent contact.

    2nd offense: Phone taken away. Confiscation of an item until a parent/guardian comes to retrieve it. Parent/Student conference with advisor.

    3rd or more offenses: Phone taken away until parent/guardian comes to retrieve it. Student will turn in cell phone for 3 days to their house office from beginning to end of school day. Parent conference with House Principal.

    Santa Monica High School reserves the right to take away phones at any time for inappropriate use. Santa Monica High School is not responsible for lost or stolen phones.