Forbidden on Campus

  • __ Tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcoholic beverages.
    __ Weapons (or any item used as a weapon) and any items that resembles a weapon.
    __ Wallet chains, toys such as water pistols and super soakers.
    __ Any other items that school officials consider dangerous or hazardous.
    __ Permanent markers, glue, or aerosol canisters.
    __ Roller skates/blades, skateboards may be carried. Their use on campus is prohibited. Bicycles shall be locked at the racks adjacent to the 7th & Michigan entrance.

    Students found in possession of the above listed items may be suspended for a maximum of 5 days and possibly recommended for expulsion. Students, lockers and personal receptacles are subject to search, and forbidden items are subject to seizure and / or confiscation.