California Junior Scholarship Federation

  • Scholarship for Service

    The California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) is one of 620 chapters of an organization that fosters high standards of scholarship, community service, and citizenship in public and private schools in the state.

    Seventh and eighth graders who wish to join CJSF must have two times the number of grade points in academic classes (an “A” in a non-accelerated class is 3 points and a "B" is 1 point; an "A" is 4 points in accelerated math and a "B" is 2 points) such as language arts, social studies, math, science, and music on semester report cards. Please refer to the Course List.

    Academic grades must be C's or higher; citizenship grades must be S's or higher; and no negative comments are permitted. Eighth graders must enroll at the beginning of each semester if they wish to retain membership for the new semester. Students must also complete community service. Eighth graders will complete 12 hours for promotion to the high school but do not have to additional hours for CJSF. Members are encouraged to go above and beyond the 12 hours required by the school. 7th graders will need to complete 6 or more hours of community service between the spring enrollment and the reward trip at the end of May. Enrollment for CJSF occurs at the beginning of each semester.

    Eighth graders who are members of CJSF for 3 consecutive semesters receive a gold seal on their promotion certificate as well as a recognition pin. All 8th graders receive an asterisk adjacent to their names on the promotion program indicating the number of semesters they have been members of CJSF.

    Announcements about due dates will be in student announcements and in the Norseman News. Any questions and concerns please contact Mrs. Hale at or (310) 452-2326 ext. 72186 or Ms. Jarvis at or (310) 452-2326 ext. 72246.

    Why join CJSF?

    • It’s free to join!
    • Students may qualify and not even know it!
    • Students are recognized as Honor Society members
    • Students act as role models and mentors for their peers
    • Students participate in an end-of-the year field trip
    • Be proud of your achievements; exercise your bragging rights!

    Course List
    Time Sheet

    CJSF Advisors:
    7th & 8th grade - Mrs. Hale and Ms. Jarvis