Course Content Grade 7

  • Writing

    A. Analytical essays (1 per semester)
    Proof of thesis

    B. Timed writings (1 per semester)
    Literature excerpt given to read at home
    Class discussion follows on possible prompts and strategies for responding In-class timed writing

    C. Commonplace page
    One per grading period
    Introduces and/or reviews writing concepts

    D. Monthly bibliographic activity for II.B.


    A. Core novels
    The Miracle Worker
    Teacher-selected reading from literature book

    B. Self-selected monthly genre novels with bibliographic activity

    C. Literary elements
    Point of view
    Character analysis
    Conflict, climax, conclusion
    Literary devices
    . Similes
    . Metaphors
    . Personification


    A. Writing complete sentences
    Run-on sentences

    B. Subject (simple/compound) and verb agreement

    C. Pronouns
    Pronoun forms
    . Subject pronouns
    . Object pronouns
    . Possessive pronouns
    Pronouns in contractions

    D. Modifiers
    Adjectives and adverbs
    Double negatives
    Word choice
    . Bad and badly
    . Few/little , fewer/less

    E. Consistent use of verb tenses

    F. Capitalization
    Proper nouns and adjectives
    . Names and personal titles
    . Languages, nationalities, religious terms
    . School subjects
    . Organizations, institutions
    . Geographical names, events, time periods

    G. Punctuation
    Commas/semicolons in compound sentences
    Elements set off in a sentence
    . Introductory words
    . Nouns of address
    . Appositives
    . Interrupters
    Elements in a series
    Dates, addresses, letters
    . Direct quotations
    . End punctuation
    . Divided quotations
    . Quotation citation in analytical essays

    H. Spelling

    Reading Comprehension

    . Reading log
    . Teacher-selected vocabulary