Calendar of College Visits

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    Space is limited for all visits and are on a first-come, first served basis.

    9/20/21 7:45PM Yale University Virtual
    9/20/21 12:50PM University of California-Riverside Virtual
    9/20/21 3:30PM Chapman University Virtual
    9/21/21 7:45AM Carnegie Mellon University Virtual
    9/21/21 12:50PM John hopkins Universiy Virtual
    9/21/21 3:30PM Rutgers University-New Brunswick Virtual
    9/22/21 8:00AM The University of British Columbia Virtual
    9/22/21 1:05PM Loyola University-Maryland Virtual
    9/22/21 3:20PM Santa Clara University Virtual
    9/24/21 12:50PM Les Roches Global Hospitality Management Virtual
    9/27/21 12:50PM Reed College Virtual
    9/27/21 3:30PM Georgetown University Virtual
    9/28/21 7:45AM The American University of Paris Virtual
    9/28/21 12:50PM University of california - Santa Cruz Virtual
    9/28/21 3:30PM The New School  Virtual
    9/29/21 8:00AM Eckerd College Virtual
    9/29/21 1:05PM University of Southern California Virtual
    9/29/21 3:20PM Pace University, Westchester Campus Virtual
    9/30/21 7:45AM University of Miami Virtual
    9/30/21 12:40PM Grand Canyon University Virtual
    9/30/21 3:00PM Art Center College of Design Virtual
    10/1/21 7:45AM Colorado Mesa University Virtual
    10/1/21 12:50 PM Goldsmiths University of London Virtual
    10/1/21 3:30PM University of California-San Diego Virtual
    10/4/21 7:45AM Bowdoin College Virtual
    10/4/21 12:50PM Pitzer College Virtual
    10/4/21 3:30PM Ohio State University-Main Campus Virtual
    10/5/21 7:45AM Seattle University Virtual
    10/5/21 12:50PM Rochester Institute of Technology Virtual
    10/5/21 3:30PM Oregon State University Virtual
    10/6/21 8:00AM Hamilton College Virtual
    10/6/21 1:05PM University of Richmond Virtual
    10/6/21 3:20PM University of Conneticut Virtual
    10/7/21 7:45AM Colordo College Virtual
    10/7/21 12:40PM University of Minesota-Twin Cities Virtual
    10/7/21 3:00PM Hult International Business School Virtual
    10/8/21 7:45AM Williams College Virtual
    10/8/21 12:50PM Syracuse University Virtual
    10/8/21 3:30PM Southern Californa Institute of Architecture Virtual
    10/11/21 7:45AM Colby College Virtual
    10/11/21 12:50PM Bard College cancelled rebooked 10/28 Virtual
    10/11/21 3:30PM Columbia College Chicago Virtual
    10/12/21 7:45AM Case Western Reserve University Virtual
    10/12/21 12:50 PM Mount Saint Mary's University Virtual
    10/12/21 3:30PM Concordia University-Irvine Virtual
    10/13/21 8:00AM Willamette University Virtual
    10/13/21 1:05PM Vanderbilt University Virtual
    10/13/21 3:20PM Universiity of San Francisco Virtual
    10/14/21 7:45AM New York University Virtual
    10/14/21 12:40PM Northeast Maritime Institute Virtual
    10/14/21 3:00PM Kenyon College Virtual
    10/15/21 7:45AM Boston University Virtual
    10/15/21 12:50PM Universiy of Arizona Virtual
    10/15/21 3:30PM University of Chicago Virtual
    10/18/21 7:45AM Boston Conservatory at Berklee Virtual
    10/18/21 12:50 PM Johnson & Wales University-Providere Virtual
    10/18/21 3:30PM University of California-Irvine  Virtual
    10/19/21 7:45AM Wesleyan University Virtual
    10/19/21 3:30PM University of Redlands Virtual
    10/20/21 8:00AM Tulane University of Louisiana Virtual
    10/20/21 1:05PM St Olaf College Virtual
    10/20/21 3:20PM Pepperdine University Virtual
    10/21/21 7:45AM Manahattan School of Music Virtual
    10/21/21 12:40AM New York Film Academy Virtual
    10/21/21 3:00PM University of Washington-Seattle Campus Virtual
    10/22/21 7:45AM Bucknell University Virtual
    10/22/21 3:30PM Azusa Pacific University Virtual
    10/25/21 7:45AM Vassar College Virtual
    10/25/21 12:50PM Oberlin College Virtual
    10/25/21 3:30PM Portland State University Virtual
    10/26/21 7:45AM Long Island University virtual
    10/26/21 3:30PM California Northstate Univ. College of Health Sciences Virtual
    10/27/21 8:00AM Ringling College of Art and Design Virtual
    10/27/21 1:05PM Occidental College Virtual
    10/27/21 3:20PM DePaul University Virtual
    10/28/21 7:45AM Claremont McKenna College Virtual
    10/28/21 12:40PM Bard College Virtual
    10/28/21 3:00PM University of Oregon Virtual
    10/29/21 7:45AM Emmanuel College Virtual
    10/29/21 12:50PM Lafayette College Virtual
    10/29/21 3:30PM Washington University in St. Louis Virtual
    11/1/21 7:45AM Whitman College Virtual
    11/1/21 12:50PM Regis College Virtual
    11/1/21 3:30PM Harvey Mudd College Virtual
    11/2/21 12:50PM Connecticut College Virtual
    11/2/21 3:30PM Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Virtual
    11/3/21 8:00AM Washington College Virtual
    11/3/21 1:05PM Grand Canyon University-Traditional Campus Virtual
    11/3/21 3:30PM University of California-Los Angeles  (UCLA) Virtual
    11/4/21 7:45PM Ithaca College Virtual
    11/4/21 12:40PM California State University-Dominguez Hills Virtual
    11/4/21 3:00PM California Lutheran University Virtual
    11/5/21 7:45AM CUNY Hunter College Virtual
    11/5/21 12:50PM Sarah Lawrence College Virtual
    11/5/21 3:30PM Western Oregon University Virtual
    11/8/21 7:45AM Lehigh University Virtual
    11/9/21 12:50PM Whittier College Virtual
    11/10/21 1:05PM Academy of Art University Virtual
    11/12/21 7:45AM Ohio Wesleyan Univesity Virtual
    11/12/21 12:50PM University of California-Santa Barbara Virtual
    11/12/21 3:30PM The University of Alabama Virtual
    11/15/21 7:45AM Grand Canyon University-Traditional Campus Virtual
    11/17/21 1:05PM The University of the Arts Virtual
    11/18/21 7:45AM Dominican University of California Virtual
    11/18/21 3:00PM Colorado State University-Fort Collins Virtual