Free College Admissions Guide

  • SMMUSD Free College Admissions Guide Danny Ruderman, a leading authority on guiding students through successful applications to college for over 14 years, worked with SMEF and SMMUSD to make this free guide available to parents in our district.

    The Top 100 Answers to Your College Admissions Questions is designed to answer many basic questions that 8th-11th grade parents ask, and provide useful additional resources. It should be used as an added-value resource to help the efforts of students and their families to find, apply to, and pay for college. The book will complement and expand the valuable information received from high school counselors and other resources at school.

    Danny has gathered the most commonly asked parent and student questions and written fun, easy-to-read answers in his latest book. Here are just a few of the questions you'll find answers to inside:
    How can students get and stay organized?
    When is the best time to take the SAT/ACT/SAT Subject Tests?
    How do students learn about different colleges?
    What is the most important factor considered by admissions officers?
    How important is community service?
    How do students come up with ideas for their essays?