January Malibu Update

Posted by Kelcey Davis on 1/25/2021

The New Building (administration, library, classrooms and labs) is really taking shape.  Work is continuing with:

  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Automated locking System installation
  • Continued touch-up painting on interior & exterior areas
  • Elevators acceptance by the State Elevator Inspector
  • Sun shade installation
  • Concrete walkways placement around building

The District had occupied Building A on December 8,2020 with administration, staff and teachers that are currently resolving issues relate to FF&E and with the Building Systems (punch list).

View of Malibu High School Building A Street View

Building D (Demolition)

Artificial turf installation along with concrete retaining walls, concrete steps are being placed and concrete walkway placement on east side of Building D footprint has been completed.


Building E

Punchlist items are 96% complete as of now.  Final projects include soil excavation and formwork for new concrete walkways and an ADA ramp on the Parking lot.

Construction at Malibu High School

Walkway construction at Malibu High School

Morning View Drive Roadwork

Improvement Work continues on Morning View Drive Roadwork Improvement. Placement of concrete driveways, curbs and gutter at Church site location across from the MHS campus has been completed.


Morning Side View Construction work at Malibu High School

Campus Security Camera Installation

The installation of new security camera placement around MHS & Juan Cabrillo Campus has been completed.