Making Way for Phase 3; Cafeteria, Art Building, History Building and Drake Pool

Posted by Kelcey Davis on 3/26/2021 8:00:00 AM

Aerial view site plan of Samohi campus.

Aerial view of the site plan for areas to be abated and demolished, shown in orange. 


The kitchen at JAMS is being prepared to accommodate all catering requirements for the Santa Monica schools. The operating kitchen will be temporarily moved from Samohi to JAMS over Spring Break and fully functional by school returns in April. The cafeteria will return to Samohi Discovery Building this fall. Demolition of the entire building will be complete by mid-June when school closes for Summer Break.

History Building

Moving out of History is a big undertaking and is planned to begin on June 12, 2021. This will include moving all instructional materials, furniture, electronic equipment, networking equipment, fire-alarm system, etc. Abatement is scheduled to commence on June 16 and will be completed by mid-July, which will signal the start of demolition. Most of the classes in History will be relocated into the Discovery Building. The objective is to completely demolish the building and haul away as much of the debris for recycling by the end of the summer to minimize impacts to classrooms nearby.

Art Building

The move out of Art will follow shortly after the move out of History. The Art Building will be relocated into Business Building and into the Interim Classrooms on the tennis courts. The abatement and demolition schedule of the Art Building will closely follow the History Building demolition schedule.

Drake Pool

Drake Pool will be abated and demolished concurrently with the demolition of the History Building. Demoloishment will require the track and field to close for a period due to the proximity to the construction zone. The new Pool in Discovery is scheduled to open during the Summer Break.Rendering of Samohi Golds Gym and Exploration

Rendering of Samohi with Exploration and Gold's Gym.