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    The Samohi CSF - Scholarship for Service

    Delian Application The California Scholarship Federation (known as CSF) is a state-wide organization whose purpose is to recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. Qualifying for membership is on a semester basis following a point system which requires A's and B's in the most difficult classes. To become a lifetime member (Sealbearer), students must have qualified for 4 semesters during their last 3 years of high school, including 1 semester in the senior year.


    CSF aims to provide Samohi students opportunities to serve the Santa Monica community and be recognized for strong academic achievement.

    Community service hours will be required to be a CSF member. Requirements are: 10 hours and must attend at least one CSF-sponsored event or 25 hours totalat another organization.

    . CSF Faculty Advisors are Julie Honda, Rosa Mejia, and Ernesto Flores
    . CSF operates under the College & Career Center.

    Cost is $10 per semester.

    Questions? Feel free to email at