Samohi Courses Approved for the California Scholarship Federation

  • List I List II List III
    English English English
    English 9 P Bible/Existential Lit Yearbook
    English 9 HP Womens Lit  
    English 10 P Journalism  Visual & Performing Arts
    English 10 HP Journalism II Drawing Courses
    English 10/Wld Hist BK   Ceramics Courses
    English 11 P Mathematics Painting  Courses
    English 11 AP Math 20 (Elementary Algebra - SMC) Acting Courses
    English 12 AP   Theater Art
    African Amercian/Harlem Ren Science Dance Courses
      Intro to Engineering Design  (Project Lead the Way) Art Courses
    California Lit Principles of Engineering  (Project Lead the Way) Film Video Prod Courses
    Folktales/Mythology  Digital Engineering (Project Lead the Way) Digital Design
    Latian American/Chicano lit Engineering Design and Development 
    (Project Lead the Way)
    Photo Courses
    Shakespeare/Eng Lit Physical Science P Professional Dance Courses
        Technical Theater
    Mathematics Social Science  
    Algebra P Psychology P Music
    Algebra P IM Psychology AP Concert Band Courses
    Geometry P Human Geography Wind Ensemble Courses
    Geometry HP Ethnic Studies P Jazz Band  Courses
    Geometry P IM Sociology (SMC Dual Enrollment Course) Intro To strings
    Algebra II P   String Orchestra
    Algebra II HP Other Concert Orchestra
    Algebra II P IM Academic Competition (Academic Decathlon) Orchestra
    Pre Calc/Trig P Computer Science (Dual Enrollment Course SMC) Philharmororchestra
    Pre Calc/Calc A HP Introduction to Administration of Justice (Dual Enrollment SMC) Symph Orchestra
    Calculus AB AP Business Administration (Dual Enrollment SMC) Chamber Orchestra
    Calculus BC AP   Men's Chorus
    Calculus DE 
    (Multivariable Calculus)
    ELD   Womens Chorus
    Statistics P ELD Composition Advanced  H.S. Chorale
    Statistics AP   Chamber Singers
        Music Piano
    Science   Music Guitar Courses
    Biology P    
    Biology HP   Business
    Biology AP   ECHO Courses
    Chemistry P   Virtual Business
    Chemistry HP   Office OCC Skills
    Chemistry AP   Intro to Marketining
    Enviromental Science AP   Computer Certification
    Physics P   Food Service
    Physics AP   Market Retail Service
    Physics C (Electricity and Magnetism)    
    Physics C (Mechanics)   ELD
    Physiology P   ELD English Beginning
    Marine Biology P   ELD English Int
        ELD Comp
    Social Science   ELD Read Beg
    World History P    
    World History AP    Math
    US History P   Math 9-12
    US History AP   Math 85 (Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra - SMC)
    Economics P    
    Economics IM   History
    Economics AP   History 9-12
    Government P    
    Government IM   Science
    Government AP   Science 9-12
    World Language   Social Science
    Chinese 1   ASB
    Chinese 2    
    Chinese 3   Industrial Arts
    Chinese 4   Auto Tech Courses
    French 1    
    French 2   Other
    French 3   Freshman Seminar
    French Genre HP   ASB Leadership 
    Japanese 1   Early Childhood Education (Dual Enrollment SMC)
    Japanese 2   Health
    Japanese 3   Counseling 12 (Dual Enrollment SMC)
    Japanese 4 HP    
    Japanese 5 AP    
    Latin 1    
    Latin 2    
    Latin 3    
    Spanish 1    
    Spanish 2    
    Spanish 3    
    Spanish 4     
    Spanish 5 Lang AP    
    Spanish 6 Lit AP