McKinley Attendance Policy

  • Importance of Attendance

    • We feel that to get the most out of school, and maximize learning time and learning potential, children need to be in school every day on time.
    • Children can make up an assignment but they can’t recover what is most valuable: the questions, the activities, the explanations from the teacher and the interactions that bring learning to life.
    • Research shows that attendance has an immense impact on student achievement and success.
    • Students who attend school are more likely to get better grades, have higher self-esteem, have more friends, and are more likely to attend college and earn higher salaries.
    • Students with high rates of absenteeism often have lower grades, miss lessons and fall behind, struggle in classes and need intervention, and are more likely to drop out of school.
    • There are only 180 school days, and 185 non-school days during the year, so each and every school day is crucial.

    Please make every effort to ensure that your child attends school each day that he/she is healthy. Avoid scheduling family trips or scheduling appointments while school is in session. If you are taking your child for a medical, dental, court appointment etc. please do not keep your child out of school all day, bring your child in late or pick your child up early so that they can receive some partial instruction.