McKinley Safety Guidelines

  • SMMUSD Visitor Policy
    Procedures when entering/exiting campus:

    1. Office staff will ask you why you are here. You must have previously arranged your volunteering with the teacher or administration. Surprise/drop-in attempts to volunteer or visit classrooms is not allowed. The office will call the teacher to notify him/her of your arrival.
    2. Write your name, date, and reason for visit clearly on the sign-in log.
    3. Take a visitor's badge and place it in a visible location on your body. Students have been taught to let a teacher know if they see someone without a badge. If you see someone without a badge (all staff wear a badge as well) immediately let the office know. You must wear the badge at all times during your visit.
    4. The office will buzz you in.
    5. Go directly to your volunteer classroom or location, and when you are finished return directly to the office. You are not permitted to go to other locations on campus if it has not been previously arranged.
    6. When you leave campus, exit through the main office and sign out on the sign-in log. The office needs to know who is on campus and where in case of emergency.
    • Even if the office knows you, you will still need to follow these procedures for the safety of the campus

    Volunteering: You must attend a Volunteer Orientation and complete required Volunteer Paperwork to be permitted to volunteer in classrooms. Check with the office or the PTA to determine Orientation dates and times.

    Observations: All observations should be scheduled with administration in advance, and may only last 20 minutes unless approved by the administration for longer.

    Thank you for your assistance in helping to keep our campus safe.

    McKinley Morning Drop Off Procedures Description

    1. Students may enter campus at the Arizona, Courtyard, and TK/K gates, where a McKinley staff member is present as a Gate Monitor (8:10-8:30am). These gates are student-only access, so adults say farewell to their child at the gate and students enter campus on their own. Students may also enter campus via the front office beginning at 7:45am. Adults may also utilize the Car Drop-Off system.

    2. Adults coming onto campus in the morning before school starts enter through the front office, sign-in, get a visitor sticker, and sign-out. Adults may come onto campus in the morning (7:45-8:30am) for any of the following reasons:
      A. Volunteering
      Adults may volunteer in the morning as campus supervisors, at car drop off, or to lead a quiet activity on the yards. Adults may sign-up in the front office. All volunteers must have attended a volunteer training at the start of the school year, completed a volunteer application, and be an approved volunteer. Siblings are not permitted while volunteering.
      B. School Agreement
      Any parent who feels that their child needs an adult present with him/her in the morning may simply contact the Principal to make arrangements. Children who need this accommodation may need it for a variety of reasons including but not limited to IEP/504 needs, counseling needs, or other personal needs. Siblings are not permitted unless there is a need.
      C. Pre-Arranged Parent/Teacher Conference
      Parents who have a previously scheduled meeting with a teacher may come onto campus for their meeting. Drop-in or surprise visits are not permitted.

    3. McKinley staff members are supervising on the yards (8:10-8:30am) and in the cafeteria (7:45-8:30am). Morning campus supervisors and gate monitors are composed of Instructional Assistants, Paraeducators, Campus Supervisors, Teachers, and Administration, who all also work on campus during regular school hours.

    4. Gates are locked promptly at 8:30am and after that time students enter through the main office and get a tardy slip. Instruction begins promptly at 8:30am. Adults coming onto campus after 8:30am for group/committee meetings, school events, or volunteering, follow the SMMUSD Visitor Policy (see below). Adults may also utilize the office entrance vestibule as a gathering and information distribution area.

    Note: Special/Alternate Morning Procedures may occur for special events or schoolwide functions such as the first day of school, jog-a-thon, sing-a-long, graduation etc. The school will provide information to parents in such situations.
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    Dismissal/Pick-Up Procedures
    The gates open promptly at the end-of-school day bell and remain open for 10 minutes for pick-up. Parents should pre-arrange a pick-up location with their child such as outside the classroom or a meeting area on campus.

    Parents coming onto campus to pick up their child at dismissal, must promptly exit the campus before the gates close at 3:10pm or 1:45pm.

    Any students on campus after school must be enrolled in one of the after school programs with CREST, SAP, or the school. The students enrolled in these programs go directly there at the end-of-day bell and sign-in to the program. That program and their staff is then in charge of the supervision, safety, and learning of their students. If you have any questions or concerns with things that occur after school during one of these programs, please contact that program directly.

    Students not enrolled in after school programs cannot play on the playground even if their parent is present. Parents who would like their child in 1st-5th grade to have access to the playground after school, may sign him/her up for CREST Playground Access. The playground is also open to the public after 6:00pm and on weekends.

    Parents may choose to let their child walk home on their own; parents should note this on the Emergency Card.

    Once a student exits the campus at the end of the school day, they may not return to campus without adult supervision. If they leave after school to visit local vendors or businesses or visit in other friends’ homes, they will not be readmitted to campus. Please make sure that your child understands that once on campus, they should not leave without formal permission either during or after school.

    Drive-Through Drop-Off/Pick-Up

    1. Enter the staff parking lot through the “enter only” driveway.
    2. Drive slowly and look out for children. Obey stop signs and staff directions.
    3. Pull up to the front of the lane before stopping your car.
    4. Stay in the car. Staff will open the door to let out students and will close the car door after they get out. Students should be ready with their backpack, lunch, and other items so they can depart the car quickly.
    5. Please model respect and appropriate behavior in the presence of your children and understand we are all working towards maintaining safety for all. The crossing guards are trained to stop traffic and to cross our children at busy intersections. Please do not coax your child, with a horn honk or a yell, to cross the street at any illegal point.

    Staff Parking Lot
    The parking lot is for staff only; there is no parking for parents or volunteers. There is limited parking around the school, so please plan enough time to locate parking and read street signs carefully.

    Any cars that are double parked, illegally blocking fire lanes, or illegally parked in handicapped spots will be towed at the owner’s expense. Any cars not identified as staff cars parked in the lot will be towed at the owner’s expense.

    For special school events there will be parking on the playground.

    Children should be picked up promptly at the end of the school day. Any children not being picked up must be enrolled in a supervised program such as CREST, SAP Childcare, or Playground Access. The playground is open for use by the community after 6:00pm weekdays and all day on weekends.

    Bicycle, Skateboard & Scooter Policy
    Helmets are mandatory for children riding their bikes, skateboards or scooters to school. We have bike racks located by both playground. Locks are required and students must lock their own bikes, skateboards or scooters to the rack; they cannot be left in the classrooms, hallways or school office. Always walk bicycles, skateboards or scooters on school ground.

    Dogs on Campus
    Dogs are not allowed on campus at any time, even when they are being held or on a leash. Tying dogs to school perimeter fences whether attended or unattended is also not permitted.

    Messages and Deliveries to Students
    Every effort is made not to interrupt instructional time.

    Please ask the office to transmit messages to your child only in the event of an emergency. Lunch deliveries for children should be dropped off at the office where they can be picked up by your child at an appropriate time.

    Students must remember to bring their instrument to school. Forgotten instruments are not accepted for delivery; this is because 4th/5th grade students are learning responsibility and forgetting their instrument will give them the opportunity to learn from their mistake and remember it next time.

    Emergency Pickup Procedures Maps

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