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    McKinley is a Deep Learning School. Our goal at McKinley is to foster Deep Learning so that students can learn to contribute to the common good, address global challenges, and flourish in turbulent and complex times. Through projects that utilize different learning partnerships, pedagogical practices, learning environments, and digital technology, students develop 6 global competencies (creativity, communication, citizenship, critical thinking, character, and collaboration). Essentially, Deep Learning is a learning experience that helps students to be good at academics and good at life, so they can be positive problem solvers and global citizens.

    Students work together on grade level Global Citizenship Service Learning Projects on real-world important global problems/issues/needs. Grade levels have previously focused on themes like kindness, environmental conservation, inclusion, and helping refugees and homeless people.

     Global Citizenship Student Rubric of Skills

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2020 Virtual Open House

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    This webpage features students' Deep Learning Global Citizenship Service Learning Projects during the Coronavirus Pandemic.