• Funded by the school and PS Science grants, students K-5th receive supplemental science instruction from P.S. Science. A P.S. Science instructor will provide K with 45 Minute lessons 1X a week, 31 lessons; 1st-3rd 70 Minutes 1X a week, 31 lessons; and 4th-5th 90 Minutes every other week, 31 lessons. STEM lessons are tied to the California State Standards, and incorporate our school site strategies such as Discourse and Thinking Maps.

    P.S. Science is a project of the Crossroads Community Outreach Foundation (CCOF). CCOF is dedicated to bridging schools and the larger civic, educational and cultural communities and creating programs in support of underserved children, youth and families and their education. CCOF created - P.S. Science to captivate young minds and inspire a lifelong passion for science.

    The goals and objectives of the P.S. Science program are:

    1. Students will experience science in a fun, engaging, and personally relevant way to promote a positive affect toward science.
    2. Students will participate in science processes including observations, measurements, data collection and analysis, scientific illustration, authentic model -making, posing questions/making predictions and communicating ideas/results.
    3. Students will use inquiry to explore personally relevant topics.
    4. Students can self-identify as being more capable in the area of science.
    5. Students demonstrate increased confidence in science as a viable career choice.
    6. Classroom teachers will gain experience in conducting hands-on science investigations and will self-identify as confident science instructors.