Visual and Performing Arts

  • Visual Arts

    Funded through the Ed Foundation and via Title I grants through P.S. Arts, PS Arts provides supplemental visual arts instruction for TK-5th grades. 

    P.S. Arts programs make use of what Howard Gardner calls our multiple intelligences – to stimulate critical thinking, problem solving and higher cognitive process in arts and academic disciplines. Instruction is tied to the State Visual and Performing Arts Standards. P.S. Arts programs increase classroom teacher's capacity and confidence in the arts, relating to their curriculum, building a wider constituency for the arts in schools and community.

    To learn more about P.S. Arts, please visit their web site at:

    Performing Arts - Theater

    Budgeted by the school, PS Arts provides theater instruction TK-5. Lessons are tied to both Performing Arts Standards and ELA and Social Studies Standards, and foster students' listening and speaking skills while developing self-esteem and confidence.

    P.S. Arts programs are designed to be inclusive, providing access to the broadest possible range of learners, including English learners, and students with special needs. Above all, P.S. Arts programs aim to foster students’ development of knowledge and skills related to school, career, and life success in the 21st century, including creativity, critical thinking, flexibility, accountability, information literacy, the ability to collaborate, and global-mindedness.


    Funded through the Ed Foundation, 5th grade students receive Ballroom Dance instruction and 4th grade students receive World Dance instruction. The classes are taught during a certain number of PE classes by dance instructors from Santa Monica Community College. 

    Through dance students stay fit and healthy while also developing rhythm, coordination, and cooperation skills. Students also make global connections as they learn about the history, origins, and impact of different forms of ballroom dance.

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