Transcript Request

  • For transcript request:

    For ALL current students: If you need an unofficial copy of your transcript, you can email Ms. Nguyen or stop by the college and career center for a copy. If you need official transcripts to be sent to the colleges that you are applying to, you will need to request your transcript to be sent in your Naviance account.

    For ALL college admission counselors or reps: If you are requesting a transcript for a student who has applied to your college/university, please contact Ms. Snyder.

    Linh Snyder
    310-457-6801 x74260

    For students who have graduated: Please contact our registrar, Beth Soloway, to get your official transcript.

    Registrars or counselors from another high school: If you have a student who has transferred to your school from Malibu High School, please contact our registrar, Beth Soloway, with your request for their transcript.

    Beth Soloway
    310-457-6801 x74267