Visual & Performing Arts

  • Visual Arts
    Visual Arts is a course that introduces students to the four basic art disciplines. The disciplines are drawing and painting, two-dimensional design and three-dimensional design. Students will create works of art utilizing a variety of media and learned techniques that express their ideas creatively and effectively. Students will learn how to manipulate the principles and elements of art while they develop technical skills with various tools and media. Art appreciation will be presented to help students analyze the role and development of visual arts in the past and present. This art course presents a core of knowledge essential to all other art classes.

    Drawing and Painting I
    Students will design and execute individual artworks based on elements and principles of design as well as responses to historical, philosophical, and cultural references. Emphasis is placed on skill building and technique in drawing and painting production. A wide variety of media will be addresses including graphite, pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints.
    PREREQUISITE: Visual Arts

    AP Studio Art: Drawing
    Studio Art is for committed art students to pursue their studies in depth. This environment is for the advanced student who wishes to master the skills acquired through a rigorous classical training. Those students preparing for a career in Art and/or entrance to a college Art Major will greatly benefit from this course Option: AP Studio Art-College Board. Studio Art Majors may elect to fulfill the requirements for AP Studio Art program during this class. Students fulfill College Board Portfolio requirements Supply fee required.
    PREREQUISITE: Visual Arts

    Ceramics/Sculpture P
    Ceramics/Sculpture is a course designed for students to acquire technical skills, utilizing clay construction and sculpture techniques in a variety of media to express their ideas creatively and effectively, Students will study three-dimensional form in the medium of day. This course includes exploration of basic hand building techniques, throwing, and the process of glazing and firing. Art appreciation will help the students analyze the role and development of ceramics and sculpture past and present. Students will use these learning tools in the creation of their own three-dimensional projects.

    Ceramics/Sculpture 3D-AP
    Ceramics/Sculpture 3D-AP is a continuation of Ceramics/Sculpture I with emphasis on student assignments suited to individual interests. Course emphasizes advanced concepts in ceramic/sculpture and 3-D design. A student wanting to use this class for 3-D Advanced Placement must have consent of the instructor, complete a portfolio for AP assessment, and take the AP exam (a portfolio review) at the end of the class. Students not doing AP will complete class projects directed towards individual interests.
    PREREQUISITE: Minimum grade of B in Ceramics/Sculpture 1

    Digital Design
    Learn the art of Graphic Design, using the entire Adobe Creative Suite. Class starts with a comprehensive foundation in design methods, conceptual skills and digital techniques to create visually pleasing and effective graphic communications. Then move to the mastery of the Mac platform: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are emphasized. As mastery of these essential tools is built, students learn the requirements of advertising and publication design, and understand the technical requirements of digital prepress. PREREQUISITE: none

    Digital Design IIP-AP
    Second-year digital design students will achieve mastery in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. They will also complete their digital design portfolios to submit to the AP College Board. They use the entire Adobe Creative Suite. The portfolio is due in May, and after the AP submittal they will continue building their portfolio. PREREQUISITE: A minimum grade of B in Photo 1.

    In Beginning Photography, students learn the basic functions of a 35mm single lens reflex camera, how to make exposures, how to work successfully and safely in a dark room, and how to process and print black and white film. Students study the history of photography and, upon critiquing their own creations, review the artistic concepts of composition, technique, tonality, and light.

    Photography IIP/2D-AP
    Photography II will explore the use of small and medium format film cameras and Digital SLR cameras. They will be using artificial light including studio electronic flash, tungsten studio light, and hand strobe. Professional qualify developing and printing are emphasized. Projects will include portraiture, long exposures, studio, close-ups, product, and action. Students may choose to fulfill the College Board portfolio requirements for the AP portfolio submittal in May. PREREQUISITE: A minimum grade of B in Photo 1.

    Symphony Orchestra
    Symphony Orchestra is open to any grade level. It plays the music of major composers from baroque to contemporary. The music performed will be challenging, fun, and rewarding. The Symphony Orchestra performs at least three concerts each year, including one competition or festival performance.

    Wind Ensemble
    The Jazz Band is open to any grade level. It plays all types of music from traditional wind pieces by major composers to contemporary jazz. The musical arrangements will be difficult, challenging and fun. This group merges with Concert Orchestra for some performances; it also performs as a separate entity.
    PREREQUISITE: Approval of instructor.

    High School Chorus
    High School Choir is a beginning vocal technique class that encourages students to learn to sing. Emphasis is placed on developing the basics in good vocal production and learning to read music. Students are given individual as well as ensemble coaching by the director. Classical, folk, multicultural, pop and Broadway styles of choral music are learned and performed. Performance requirements include concerts, festivals, clinics and community events.

    AP Music Theory
    This course is designed to prepare students for the Advanced Placement exam in music theory. Students will focus on musicianship, theory, musical materials, and procedures while integrating aspects of melody, harmony, texture, rhythm, form, musical analysis, and composition. This in-depth study of reading and writing musical notation will prepare students for the AP Music Theory exam in May.
    PREREQUISITE: Grade A or B in vocal or instrumental music plus teacher recommendation and a readiness audition in voice or on an instrument.

    Yearbook revolves around the production of a 200-page book of memories. Students are involved from start to finish in all elements of desktop publishing including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and QuarkXPress. They brainstorm theme ideas, create layouts, sell business advertisements, take photographs, and develop graphic design skills. Yearbook provides students with opportunities to be leaders, artists, writers, salespeople and photographers.
    PREREQUISITE: B or better in English.

    Professional Actor
    This advanced theater course is designed to further develop the actor's acting technique through practical application in production. Leadership, commitment, and working well under pressure are stressed.
    PREREQUISITE: Drama Instructor Approval Only (Auditions will be held in advance)

    Stagecraft Technology
    Learn how to conceptualize and design lighting, sound, props, sets, costumes, and make-up. Learn about stage management, production scheduling, and publicity for formal productions. Learn how to use, care and upkeep the equipment and supplies related to production goals.

    Digital Design
    Learn the art of preparing artwork for printing and get a head start on interviewing and job placement as a Graphic Designer. Class starts with a comprehensive foundation in design methods, conceptual skills and digital techniques to create visually pleasing and effective graphic communications. Then move to the mastery of the Mac platform: publication design using QuarkXPress, digital imaging using Photoshop, and electronic imaging using Adobe Illustrator. As you build mastery of these essential tools, you will learn the requirements of advertising and publication design; and understand the technical requirements of digital prepress.